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Figure 4

From: Rice pseudomolecule-anchored cross-species DNA sequence alignments indicate regional genomic variation in expressed sequence conservation

Figure 4

Heat maps for % sequence alignments and segmentally duplicated rice loci. Colour coded moving windows/100 functionally annotated, expressed TIGR rice loci (MWs/FAexpTRL) for each rice pseudomolecule (1–12). For each pseudomolecule: column 1–6 = MWs for % significant MegaBLAST alignments between Os_CD and test databases Lp_MF, Zm_MF, Zm_TA, Hv_TA, Gm_TA and AT_TA, respectively; column 7 = position of MWs containing rice centromere (dark vertical bar); column 8 = MWs indicating the distribution of segmentally duplicated FAexpTRL [see Additional file 2 Table 3 for colour code quantification].

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