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Table 1 Genes up regulated in courting males

From: A rapid genome-wide response to Drosophila melanogaster social interactions

Gene identifier Gene name Avg. fold change GCOS p-value PM+MM p-value PM only p-value
CG6128   2.58 3.48E-04 1.27E-04 1.93E-05
CG13155   2.26   1.46E-04 6.27E-05
CG7738   2 7.57E-04 1.09E-06 3.22E-06
CG1732   1.89 7.29E-04 3.57E-05 1.82E-04
CG33060   1.85 1.41E-04 1.35E-05 4.65E-05
CG30042   1.8 9.40E-04 1.63E-05 5.21E-04
CG2958 lectin-24Db 1.71   5.29E-04 6.01E-04
CG17820 fit 1.6 5.70E-04 7.20E-05 1.10E-04
CG7592 Obp99b 1.52 2.44E-04   7.17E-04
CG7106 lectin-28C 1.48 6.77E-04 3.46E-04 2.11E-04
  1. Ten genes are significantly (p < 0.001) up regulated in males exposed to a conspecific female courtship object. The average fold change from microarray analysis is shown. The p-values are from statistical analyses performed on expression values obtained by three different methods (See Methods).