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Table 2 Genes down regulated in courting males

From: A rapid genome-wide response to Drosophila melanogaster social interactions

Gene identifier Gene name Avg. fold change GCOS p-value PM+MM p-value PM only p-value
CG6639   -21.2 1.12E-10 3.17E-10 1.24E-11
CG4740 AttC -11.79 3.00E-07 2.82E-05 4.02E-04
CG18372 AttB -9.62   3.19E-04 4.94E-04
CG10146 AttA -8.51 7.23E-04 3.80E-04 6.72E-04
CG4757   -7.69 1.26E-07 1.17E-06 1.65E-06
CG15066 IM23 -5.17 1.11E-08 1.13E-10 1.61E-10
CG8175 Mtk -4.37 4.01E-06 1.88E-05 4.26E-05
CG1367 CecA2 -4.31 8.34E-04 1.06E-05 9.88E-04
CG13422   -4 3.16E-08 2.34E-07 3.71E-07
CG10810 Drs -3.99 8.60E-07 7.77E-09 6.18E-09
CG10816 Dro -3.3 2.73E-05 1.50E-08 3.13E-05
CG18563   -3.28 8.55E-06 1.57E-04 8.55E-06
CG1365 CecA1 -3.12 8.19E-04 4.65E-04  
CG6687   -2.84 2.39E-04 4.02E-05 6.84E-05
CG18108 IM1 -2.46 8.67E-08 3.41E-07 1.58E-07
CG9989   -2.18   1.00E-04 7.14E-04
CG5550   -1.93 1.12E-04 1.26E-04 2.18E-05
CG2217   -1.92   1.87E-05 2.42E-05
CG15065   -1.9 4.43E-05 9.75E-08 7.54E-08
CG14745 PGRP-SC2 -1.89   4.30E-06 6.96E-05
CG9434 Fst -1.76   3.46E-04 1.29E-04
CG2042   -1.67   1.40E-04 8.27E-05
CG16772   -1.66 5.99E-04 3.71E-05 2.53E-05
CG13947   -1.57 2.79E-04 9.57E-05 7.27E-05
CG18279 IM10 -1.55 1.00E-03 2.06E-05 3.48E-05
CG13482   -1.48   3.75E-04 2.94E-04
CG18106 IM2 -1.42 5.99E-04   9.62E-04
CG11992 Rel -1.42   3.12E-04 4.54E-04
CG16844 IM3 -1.4   3.07E-06 7.87E-07
CG15231 IM4 -1.28   9.52E-05 4.92E-06
CG18067   -1.27   1.89E-05 9.24E-06
CG10332/IM18   -1.05   3.66E-04 3.51E-04
CG10947   -1.05   2.74E-06 4.20E-05
  1. Thirty-three genes are significantly (p < 0.001) down regulated in males exposed to a conspecific female courtship object. See the legend from Table 1 and Methods for a description of how the p-values were obtained. CG10332 and IM18 are overlapping transcription units that cannot be distinguished with the probe set on the Drosophila version 1 Genechip.