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Table 5 Predicted functions of up-regulated genes

From: A rapid genome-wide response to Drosophila melanogaster social interactions

Gene identifier Gene name GO molecular function GO biological process Immune response
CG6128   alpha-L-fucosidase O-glycoside catabolism; fucose metabolism n
CG13155   unknown unknown n
CG7738   unknown unknown y
CG1732   GABA:sodium symporter activity ion transport n
CG33060   Unknown function unknown n
CG30042   unknown unknown n
CG2958 lectin-24Db galactose, fucose, mannose binding spermatogenesis n
CG17820 fit unknown unknown n
CG7592 Obp99b odorant binding autophagic cell death/olfactory behavior n
CG7106 lectin-28C galactose binding spermatogenesis n