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Table 3 The distribution of type of exons containing LRTS

From: Exonization of the LTR transposable elements in human genome

exon type number of associations
5'UTR exon 245
3'UTR exon 196
first CDS exon 127 (41 in the 5'UTR, 8 in the CDS region and 78 span both regions)
last CDS exon 571 (484 in the 3'UTR, 16 in the CDS region and 71 span both regions)
single protein coding exon 152 (17 in the 5'UTR, 97 in the 3'UTR, 11 in the CDS region and 27 span both UTR and CDS regions)
internal protein coding exon 72
more than one type of exon (for a particular exonic sequence) 32
Total 1395