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Table 4 Microarray platform features

From: Design and evaluation of Actichip, a thematic microarray for the study of the actin cytoskeleton

Microarray characteristics HG-U133A 2.0 (Affymetrix) Human oligonucleotide set version 2.0 (Operon)
Probe length 25-mer 70-mer
Number of probes/probe sets > 22000 25392 including 3871 controls
Main databases used for the design dbEST RefSeq
  RefSeq UniGene (build Hs 147)
  UniGene (build Hs 133)  
Number of target transcripts 18400 including variants 21329 including :11530 designed from UniGene and RefSeq
Number of genes represented 14500 9799 designed from UniGene
Number of probes/target sequence 11 1
  1. The table summarises the main characteristics of the two microarray platforms compared to the Actichip array. Data are from the description facts provided by the manufacturers.