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Table 1 Comparison of GO-2D with related software

From: GO-2D: identifying 2-dimensional cellular-localized functional modules in Gene Ontology

  Onto-Express FatiGO GoMiner GOstat GO-2D
Analysis scope 3 single categories 3 single categories 3 single categories 3 single categories Combined categories
Correction for multiple tests Šidák, Holm, Bonferroni, FDR Step-down minP, FDR [16, 31] Relative enrichment Holm, FDR [16] Bonferroni, FDR [16]
Statistical Analysis Hypergeometric, Binomial,χ2, Fisher's exact test, Fisher's exact test Fisher's exact test χ2, Fisher's exact test, Hypergeometric, Binomial
Visualization Flata, Tree Flata, Tree Tree, DAG Flata Tree, DAG
Application Web Web Stand-alone Web Stand-alone
  1. Flata: The results are shown without hierarchical structure