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Table 2 Clusters of combined P. papatasi midgut cDNA libraries (sugar-fed, blood-fed and Leishmania major -infected) of transcripts with high quality sequences

From: Exploring the midgut transcriptome of Phlebotomus papatasi: comparative analysis of expression profiles of sugar-fed, blood-fed and Leishmania major-infected sandflies

Cluster Clone NCBI best match to NR database E value Putative function GenBank
Cluster 1 B05_ppmgbl_p23 microvilli membrane protein [A. aegypti ] 1.0E-47 Microvilli protein EU031911
Cluster 2 F05_ppmgbl_p23 microvilli membrane protein [A. aegypti ] 1.0E-47 Microvilli protein EU031911
Cluster 3 PPMGBM189 microvilli membrane protein [A. aegypti] 7.0E-48 Microvilli protein EU031911
Cluster 9 PPMGBL17 LP07759p [D. melanogaster ] 8.0E-25 Peritrophin EU031912
Cluster 10 A05_PPMGBS_P28 hypothetical protein 17 [L. obliqua ] 3.0E-44 40S ribosomal S30 protein EU040041
Cluster 11 A07_PPMGBS_P28 ENSANGP00000028746 [A. gambiae ] 1.0E-33 Unknown EU040042
Cluster 12 PPMGM173 similar to CG4778-PA [T. castaneum ] 8.0E-11 Peritrophin EU047543
Cluster 13 A02_PPINFL_P30 similar to CG4778-PA [T. castaneum ] 7.0E-11 Peritrophin EU047543
Cluster 15 H08_PPMGBL_P31 chymotrypsin [P. papatasi] 1.0E-154 Chymotrypsin AAM96939
Cluster 16 E10_ppmgbm_p21 carboxypeptidase B [A. aegypti ] 4.0E-67 Carboxypeptidase EU047544
Cluster 17 C07_PPMGS_P24 ribosomal protein S20 [B. mori ] 9.0E-57 40S ribosomal protein S20 EU047545
Cluster 18 H10_ppmgm_p22 trypsin 1 [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-151 Trypsin AAM96940
Cluster 20 H05_ppmgm_p22 CG32276-PB, isoform B [D. melanogaster ] 2.0E-23 Ribosome associated membrane protein EU047546
Cluster 21 PPMGBS47 Ribosomal protein L19 [D. melanogaster ] 1.0E-100 60s ribosomal protein L19 EU047547
Cluster 23 D05_PPMGL_P28 trypsin 2 [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-157 Trypsin AAM96941
Cluster 24 G04_PPMGM_P25 RE59709p [D. melanogaster ] 7.0E-68 60S ribosomal protein L32 EU047548
Cluster 25 PPMGS_P31_B06 similar to D. melanogaster CG3203 [D. yakuba ] 1.0E-91 60S ribosomal protein L17 EU045355
Cluster 26 PPMGL_P29_D06 peritrophin-like protein 1 [C. felis ] 2.0E-36 Peritrophin EU045354
Cluster 29 PPINFM-P7-G10 Ribosomal protein L29 [D. melanogaster ] 4.0E-24 60S ribosomal protein L29 EU045353
Cluster 31 B03_PPMGM_P25 CG13551 [D. melanogaster ] 3.0E-37 Unknown EU049582
Cluster 32 H04_PPMGL_P23 LD17235p [D. melanogaster ] 1.0E-93 60S ribosomal protein L11 EU045352
Cluster 34 PPMGM152 similar to D. melanogaster RpL14 [D. yakuba ] 5.0E-50 60S ribosomal protein L14 EU045351
Cluster 35 E07_ppmgs_p21 60S acidic ribosomal protein P1 [S. frugiperda ] 1.0E-45 60s Acidic ribosomal protein P1 EU045350
Cluster 37 PPMGL197 ENSANGP00000019623 [A. gambiae ] 4.0E-63 Astacin EU045349
Cluster 40 F01_PPINFL_P30 S7 ribosomal protein [C. pipiens quinquefasciatus ] 3.0E-89 40S ribosomal protein S7 EU045348
Cluster 73 A03_PPPMGBM_P25 unknown [C. sonorensis ] 4.0E-25 Unknown EU045347
Cluster 75 C04_ppmgs_p21 similar to D. melanogaster qm [D. yakuba ] 1.0E-117 60s ribosomal protein L10 EU045346
Cluster 89 B11_PPINFL_P32 trypsin 4 [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-129 Trypsin AAM96943
Cluster 94 F08_PPINFM_P22 microvilli membrane protein [A. aegypti ] 2.0E-35 Microvilli protein EU047549
Cluster 96 C05_ppmgm_p22 Cr-PII [P. americana ] 3.0E-20 Microvilli protein EU047550
Cluster 98 B12_ppmgbl_p23 ENSANGP00000017713 [A. gambiae ] 1.0E-17 Microvilli protein EU047551
Cluster 99 A03_ppmgbl_p20 hypothetical protein [T. castaneum ] 2.0E-23 Unknown EU045345
Cluster 103 H03_PPMGL_P23 GA13179-PA [D. pseudoobscura ] 2.0E-43 Ferritin EU045344
Cluster 106 H07_ppmgm_p22 TPA_inf: HDC07203 [D. melanogaster ] 8.0E-14 Unknown EU045343
Cluster 111 PPMGL_P34_H09 GA16408-PA [D. pseudoobscura ] 2.0E-10 Kazal type serine protease inhibitor EU045342
Cluster 113 B10_PPINFL_P21 carboxypeptidase A [A. aegypti ] 2.0E-87 Carboxypeptidase EU045341
Cluster 119 PPMGL_P29_B04 midgut specific galectin [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-145 Galectin AAT11557
Cluster 122 C08_PPINFL_P31 GA15307-PA [D. pseudoobscura ] 3.0E-62 Ferritin EU045340
Cluster 125 D06_PPMGL_P23 Glutathione S-transferase [M. domestica] 3.0E-86 Glutathione S-transferase EU045339
Cluster 126 PPMGBL175 10 kDa salivary protein [P. ariasi ] 6.0E-07 Unknown EU045338
Cluster 127 H07_ppmgs_p21 ribosomal protein S8 [A. albopictus ] 3.0E-94 40S ribosomal protein S8 EU045337
Cluster 128 C02_ppmgs_p21 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2 [A. aegypti ] 8.0E-39 60S acidic ribosomal protein P2 EU045336
Cluster 129 PPMGL_P29_C01 ENSANGP00000016569 [A. gambiae ] 5.0E-40 membrane LPS inducible TNF protein EU035828
Cluster 134 C01_PPINFM_P22 similar to D. melanogaster RpS18 [D. yakuba ] 9.0E-70 40S ribosomal protein S18 EU035827
Cluster 135 D04_PPINFL_P31 trypsin 3 [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-144 Trypsin AAM96942
Cluster 139 PPMGS_P31_A11 CG30415-PB, isoform B [D. melanogaster ] 1.0E-27 Unkown EU035823
Cluster 146 PPMGM132 similar to CG2998-PA [T. castaneum ] 2.0E-27 40S ribosomal protein S28 EU035822
Cluster 147 A06_PPMGM_P25 Ribosomal protein L23 [D. melanogaster ] 5.0E-73 60S ribosomal protein L23 EU035821
Cluster 149 B06_PPMGM_P25 similar to D. melanogaster RpS12 [D. yakuba ] 1.0E-64 40S ribosomal protein S12 EU035820
Cluster 150 PPMGL_P29_D08 ENSANGP00000021011 [A. gambiae ] 1.0E-111 Unkown EU035819
Cluster 153 B07_PPMGS_P24 similar to D. melanogaster CG2033 [D. yakuba ] 3.0E-67 40S ribosomal protein S15 EU035818
Cluster 158 D06_PPINFL_P21 ENSANGP00000013724 [A. gambiae ] 5.0E-70 Ryanodine receptor EU035817
Cluster 163 PPMGM133 cyclophylin isoform [A. aegypti ] 8.0E-82 Cyclophilin EU032351
Cluster 165 A11_PPMGM_P25 60S ribosomal protein L40 [A. albopictus ] 4.0E-68 Ubiquitin/ribosomal L40 fusion EU032350
Cluster 167 PPMGL276 similar to ENSANGP00000002356 [A. mellifera ] 2.0E-66 Na+/K+ ATPase EU032348
Cluster 168 F05_ppmgbm_p21 chymotrypsin [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-147 Chymotrypsin AAM96938
Cluster 171 G12_ppmgs_p21 GA16582-PA [D. pseudoobscura ] 8.0E-78 60S ribosomal protein L12 EU032349
Cluster 174 A06_ppmgm_p22 similar to D. melanogaster CG2099 [D. yakuba ] 1.0E-54 60S ribosomal protein L35A EU032347
Cluster 176 A03_pppmgbl_p24 translation factor SUI1-like protein [A. aegypti ] 1.0E-54 Translation initiation factor 1 EU032346
Cluster 177 A08_PPMGBS_P28 GA10714-PA [D. pseudoobscura ] 5.0E-92 ADP ribosylation factor EU032345
Cluster 182 PPMGS_P31_E04 similar to D. melanogaster CG10423 [D. yakuba ] 2.0E-38 40s ribosomal protein S27 EU032344
Cluster 183 D12_ppmgm_p22 ENSANGP00000026718 [A. gambiae ] 1.0E-61 Cytochrome C oxidase subunit IV EU032343
Cluster 184 C02_PPINFL_P30 unknown [C. sonorensis ] 4.0E-21 Unknown EU032342
Cluster 185 D04_PPINFM_P27 cytochrome b [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-110 Cytochrome B AF161214
Cluster 186 MGL69 similar to CG9916-PA isoform 1 [T. castaneum ] 4.0E-81 Cyclophilin EU032341
Cluster 187 PPINFM-P7-F11 ribosomal protein S17e [Eucinetus sp. ] 9.0E-31 40S ribosomal protein S17 EU032340
Cluster 188 H01_PPMGL_P23 10 kDa salivary protein [P. ariasi ] 2.0E-06 Unknown EU032339
Cluster 201 G11_PPPMBGM_P26 larval chymotrypsin-like protein [A. aegypti ] 5.0E-82 Chymotrypsin EU035826
Cluster 228 PPMGM508 peroxiredoxin-like protein [A. aegypti ] 1.0E-69 Peroxiredoxin EU035825
Cluster 232 PPMGBL92 glutathione S-transferase [A. aegypti ] 4.0E-59 Glutathione S-transferase EU035824
Cluster 243 D11_pppmgbl_p24 midgut chitinase [P. papatasi ] 1.0E-140 chitinase AAV49322