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Table 4 Clusters overrepresented in the blood-fed and Leishmania major-infected sand fly midgut cDNA libraries as determined by X2 statistical analysis

From: Exploring the midgut transcriptome of Phlebotomus papatasi: comparative analysis of expression profiles of sugar-fed, blood-fed and Leishmania major-infected sandflies

Putative function Blood fed L. major P value Genbank
Microvilli protein (PpMVP1) 134 70 5.8E-07 EU031911
Microvilli protein (PpMVP2) 60 42 4.1E-02 EU047549
Peritrophin (PpPer1) 54 16 1.7E-06 EU031912
Peritrophin (PpPer2) 45 35 1.8E-02 EU047543
Ferritin light chain (PpFLC) 18 3 7.1E-04 EU045344
Chymotrypsin (Ppchym2) 36 8 1.1E-05 AY128107
Trypsin (PpTryp1) 10 82 1.0E-13 AY128108
Unknown (Cluster 73) 21 6 2.6E-03 EU045347
Unknown (Cluster 99) 29 5 1.9E-05 EU045345