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Table 1 Summary of mouse tumors studied by Affymetrix microarray profiling

From: Gene expression profiling reveals different pathways related to Abl and other genes that cooperate with c-Myc in a model of plasma cell neoplasia

Tumors Cited as Exogenous gene effect Tumor type Site of origin N
PCT-1 ABLMYCPC v-Abl + c-Myc Virus-accelerated ip PCT intraperitoneal 7
PCT-2 ABPC v-Abl Virus-accelerated ip PCT intraperitoneal 12
PCT-3 J3PC v-Raf + v-Myc Virus-accelerated ip PCT intraperitoneal 4
PCT-4 KiPC IL-6 transgene Transgene-accelerated ip PCT intraperitoneal 3
PCT-5 IL6PC IL-6 transgene Spontaneous PCT gut-associated lymphoid tissue 8
PCT-6 TEPC, LPC, MOPC none Pristane oil-induced ip PCT intraperitoneal 18
BCL-1 IL6LN IL-6 transgene Spontaneous pre-malignant PCT gut-associated lymphoid tissue 6
BCL-2 Pre B v-Abl (a.k.a. ABLS) v-Abl Virus-accelerated Pre-B lymphoma bone marrow + spleen 6
BCL-3 BCL c-Myc in Igμ locus Spontaneous BCL lymph nodes 3
BCL-4 BCL c-Myc in Igα locus Spontaneous BCL lymph nodes 3