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Table 1 Transcription factors and their binding site motifs

From: Putative cold acclimation pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana identified by a combined analysis of mRNA co-expression patterns, promoter motifs and transcription factors

TF Familya Binding siteb CI thresholdc Accessiond Namee Reff
C2C2-DOF WAAAG 9.8 At3g50410 OBP1 [55]
    At5g60850 OBP4  
    At1g26790 -  
    At1g69570 DOF1.1  
    At5g39660 DOF5.2  
    At3g47500 DOF3.3  
WRKY TTTGACY 0.7 At4g01250 WRKY22 [49]
    At2g38470 WRKY33  
    At1g80840 WRKY40  
    At2g46400 WRKY46  
    At4g23810 WRKY53  
    At4g24240 WRKY7  
    At3g56400 WRKY70  
MYB AAMAATCT 0.3 At2g46830 CCA1 [56]
AP2/EREBP AGCCGCC 10-2 At4g17500 ERF1 [57]
    At5g47230 ERF5  
   10-2 At3g17609 -  
   10-2 At2g31370 BZIP59 [58]
   10-3 At4g01120 GBF2 [59]
    At2g46270 BZIP55  
    At4g34590 ATB2  
BHLH CANNTG 6.8 At3g05800 - [60]
NAC CATGTG 0.5 At1g01720 ATAF1 [48]
    At3g49530 -  
    At4g27410 RD26  
MADS CCWWWWWWGG 0.1 At2g45660 AGL20 [61]
AP2 CCGAC 0.5 At4g25480 CBF3 [62]
    At4g25470 CBF1  
TCP2 GTGGNCCC 0.2 At4g18390 - [63]
HSF NGAANNTTCN (or) NTTCNNGAAN 0.8 At3g24520 - [64]
   0.7 At4g18880 HSF21  
    At1g67970 HSF5  
  1. Transcription factors selected for further analysis. a: Transcription factor family. b: Binding site or motif to which the TF binds, where 'W' = 'A'/'T'; 'M' = 'A'/'C'; 'Y' = 'C'/'T'; 'N' = 'A'/'T'/'G'/'C'. c: Minimum number of copies required to be found within 1 kb upstream of a gene in order for the motif to be considered as over-represented according to the confidence interval threshold. d:Locus ID of the gene. e: Common name of the TF. e: Literature reference.