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Table 1 S. aureus strains used in this study

From: Living with an imperfect cell wall: compensation of femAB inactivation in Staphylococcus aureus

Strain Relevant genotype and phenotypea Specific growth rateb [1/h] Source or reference
   37°C 42°C  
BB270 NCTC8325 background, SCCmec type I; Mc-r, lysostaphin-s nd nd [72]
BB903 BB270, Ω2000chr::Tn551; Mc-r, Em-r, lysostaphin-s 1.38 1.36 This study
AS145 BB270, femAB::tetK, chr*; Mc-s, lysostaphin-r 0.94 0.78 [2]
BB1305 AS145, Ω2000chr::Tn551 (femAB+), chr*; Mc-r, Em-r, lysostaphin-s 1.09 0.85 [6]
  1. aMc, methicillin; Em, erythromycin; r, resistant; s, susceptible.
  2. bGrowth in LB broth. nd, not determined.