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Table 1 The 32 protein kinases of E. cuniculi split by kinase family

From: The complement of protein kinases of the microsporidium Encephalitozoon cuniculi in relation to those of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Kinase family Protein Id Size (amino acids) UniProt Predicted Catalytic Activity
AGC CAD25005.1 871 Q8SSJ0 Active
  CAD25568.1 272 Q8SRL5 Active
  CAD25584.1 322 Q8SRK8 Active
  CAD25776.1 348 Q8SR57 Inactive (K, D1)
CAMK CAD26060.1 300 Q8SQT4 Active
  CAD25086.1 516 Q8SSH1 Active
  CAD26208.1 414 Q8SSA8 Active
  CAD26452.1 467 Q8SR98 Active
  CAD26242.1 566 Q8SW31 Active
CK1 CAD26235.1 327 Q8SS96 Active
  CAD26108.1 318 Q8SQR2 Active
CMGC CAD25082.1 586 Q8SSH4 Active
  CAD26483.1 309 Q8SR90 Active
  CAD25174.1 308 Q8SW92 Active
  CAD26671.1 319 Q8SRU0 Active
  CAD25660.1 350 Q8SRI3 Active
  CAD26328.1 265 Q8SRF5 Active
  CAD26006.1 329 Q8SQW2 Active
  CAD26495.1 296 Q8SR86 Active
  CAD26039.1 328 Q8SQU8 Active
  CAD26498.1 351 Q8SR85 Active
  CAD25731.1 351 Q8SR83 Active
  CAD25928.1 405 Q8SQZ4 Active
TKL CAD26582.1 694 Q8SRY2 Active
Other CAD26233.1 454 Q8SW35 Active
  CAD26466.1 363 Q8SR94 Active
  CAD24933.1 488 Q8SWM6 Active
  CAD26209.1 390 Q8SSA7 Inactive (K)
  CAD25400.1 185 Q8SVD9 Active
PIKK CAD25142.1 1935 Q8SSE7  
  CAD25955.1 1433 Q8SQY7  
RIO CAD26627.1 409 Q8SV17