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Table 3 Homology relationships between the kinomes of S. cerevisiae, S. pombe and E. cuniculi

From: The complement of protein kinases of the microsporidium Encephalitozoon cuniculi in relation to those of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe

AGC family     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
AKT YPK1, YPK2 SPCC24B10.07 (gad8)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
AKT SCH9 SPAC1B9.02c (sck1), SPAC22E12.14c (sck2)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
AUR IPL1 SPCC320.13c (ark1) CAD25568.1 Lethal (Sc, Sp)
BUB BUB1 SPCC1322.12c (bub1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
NDR RIM15 SPAPB18E9.02c (ppk18), SPCC1450.11c (cek1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
NDR CBK1 SPAC821.12 (orb6) CAD25005.1 Lethal (Sc, Sp)
NDR DBF2, DBF20 SPCC417.06c (ppk35), SPAC24B11.11c (sid2)   Lethal (sid2)
PDK1 PKH1, PKH2 SPCC576.15c (ksg1)   Lethal (ksg1)
PDK1 YDR466W (PKH3) SPBC1778.10c (ppk21)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
PKA TPK1, TPK2, TPK3 SPBC106.10 (pka1) CAD25584.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
PKC PKC1 SPAC17G8.14c (pck1), SPBC12D12.04c (pck2)   Lethal (PKC1)
RSK KIN82 SPBC1861.09 (ppk22)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
RSK YNR047W SPAC4G8.05 (ppk14)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
RSK YBR028C SPCC4G3.08 (psk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
  AGC unpaired AGC unpaired AGC unpaired  
  YKL171W SPBC725.06c (ppk31) CAD25776.1  
   SPCC162.10 (cmk2)   
CAMK family     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
CAMK1 CMK1, CMK2 SPACUNK12.02c (cmk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMK1 RCK1, RCK2 SPAC23A1.06c (cmk2), SPCC1322.08 (srk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKK TOS3, PAK1 SPCC297.03 (ssp1), SPCC1919.01 (ppk34)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL CHK1 SPCC1259.13 (chk1) CAD26208.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL KIN1, KIN2 SPBC4F6.06 (kin1), SPBC32C12.03c (ppk25) CAD26242.1, CAD26452.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL KIN4, YPL141C SPAC110.01 (ppk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL YPL150W SPAC890.03 (ppk16)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL FUN31, YOL045W SPAC1805.01c (ppk6)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL SNF1 SPCC74.03c (ssp2), SPAC23H4.02 (ppk9)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMKL KCC4, GIN4, HSL1 SPAC644.06c (cdr1), SPAC57A10.02 (cdr2)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMK-Unique MEK1 SPAC14C4.03 (mek1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CAMK-Unique PRR1 SPBC337.04 (ppk27)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
HAL SAT4 SPAC29A4.16 (ppk10)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
HAL YOR267C, YDL025C SPCC1020.10 (oca2)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
RAD53 RAD53 SPCC18B5.11c (cds1)   Lethal (RAD53)
RAN KSP1 SPBC16E9.13 (ppk20)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
ULK APG1 SPCC63.08c (ppk36)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
  CAMK unpaired CAMK unpaired CAMK unpaired  
  (PTK1, PTK2) SPAC22G7.08 (ppk8) CAD26060.1  
  (HAL5, KKQ8) (SPCC70.05c (ppk37, Lethal), SPBC21.07c (ppk24)) CAD25086.1  
  DUN1 SPBC19C2.05   
  YMR291W SPAC15A10.13   
  (NPR1, PRR2) SPBP23A10.10   
CK1 family     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
CK1 YCK1 SPAC1805.05 (cki3)   
CK1 YCK2 SPBC1347.06c (cki1)   
CK1 YCK3 SPBP35G2.05c (cki2)   
CK1 HRR25 SPBC3H7.15 (hhp1) CAD26235.1 Lethal (HRR25)
   SPAC23C4.12 (hhp2) CAD26108.1  
CMGC family     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
CDC7 CDC7 SPBC776.12c (hsk1), SPBC21C3.18 (spo4) CAD26498.1, CAD25731.1 Lethal (CDC7, hsk1)
CDK KIN28 SPBC19F8.07 (crk1) CAD25174.1 Lethal (KIN28, crk1)
CDK CDC28 SPBC11B10.09 (cdc2) CAD26495.1 Lethal (CDC28, cdc2)
CDK CTK1 SPAC2F3.15 (lsk1) CAD26006.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
CDK CAK1 SPAC1D4.06c (csk1)   Lethal (CAK1)
CDK SGV1 SPBC32H8.10 (cdk9)   Lethal (SGV1, cdk9)
CDK PHO85 SPCC16C4.11 (pef1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CDK SSN3 SPAC23H4.17c (srb10)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
CK2 CKA1, CKA2 SPAC23C11.11 (cka1) CAD26671.1 Lethal (cka1)
CLK KNS1 SPAC1D4.11c (lkh1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
DYRK YAK1 SPAC823.03 (ppk15) CAD25928.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
GSK RIM11, MRK1 SPBC8D2.01 (gsk31), SPAC1687.15 (gsk3)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
MAPK FUS3, KSS1 SPAC31G5.09c (spk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
MAPK HOG1 SPAC24B11.06c (sty1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
MAPK SLT2, YKL161C SPBC119.08 (pmk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
RCK IME2 SPAC3C7.06c (pit1), SPBC8D2.19 (mde3)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
SRPK SKY1 SPBC530.14c (dsk1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
TTK MPS1 SPBC106.01 (mph1) CAD25082.1 Lethal (MPS1)
  CMGC unpaired CMGC unpaired CMGC unpaired  
  SMK1 SPAC16C9.07 (ppk5), SPAC2F7.03c (pom1) CAD25660.1  
  (MCK1, YOL128C) SPCC777.14 (prp4, Lethal) (CAD26039.1, CAD26483.1)  
   SPBC18H10.15 (ppk23) CAD26328.1  
STE family     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
STE7 PBS2 SPBC409.07c (wis1) (none) Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE7 MKK1, MKK2 SPBC543.07 (pek1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE7 STE7 SPAC1D4.13 (byr1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE20 STE20 SPBC1604.14c (shk1)   Lethal (shk1)
STE20 CLA4, SKM1 SPAC1F5.09c (shk2)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE20 SPS1 SPAC2C4.14c (ppk11), SPAC9G1.09 (sid1)   Lethal (sid1)
STE20 CDC15 SPBC21.06c (cdc7)   Lethal (CDC15, cdc7)
STE20 KIC1 SPBC17F3.02 (nak1)   Lethal (KIC1, nak1)
STE11 SSK2, SSK22 SPAC1006.09 (win1), SPAC9G1.02 (wis4)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE11 STE11 SPBC1D7.05 (byr2)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
STE11 BCK1 SPAC1F3.02c (mkh1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
Other group     
Sub-family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
Bud32 BUD32 SPAP27G11.07c $$ CAD25400.1 Viable (BUD32)
GCN2 GCN2 SPAC20G4.03c (hri1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
IRE IRE1 SPAC167.01 (ppk4)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
NAK YPL236C SPAC3H1.13 (ppk13)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
NAK AKL1, PRK1, ARK1 SPCP1E11.02 (ppk38), SPBC6B1.02 (ppk30), SPBC557.04 (ppk29)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
NEK KIN3 SPAC19E9.02 (fin1)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
PLK CDC5 SPAC23C11.16 (plo1) CAD24933.1 Lethal (CDC5, plo1)
VPS15 VPS15 SPBC119.07 (ppk19)   Viable (Sc, Sp)
WEE SWE1 SPCC18B5.03 (wee1), SPBC660.14 (mik1) CAD26466.1 Viable (Sc, Sp)
  Other unpaired Other unpaired Other unpaired  
  SCY1 SPBC15C4.02 $$ CAD26209.1  
  ELM1 SPAC12B10.14c (ppk2) CAD26233.1  
   SPAC23C4.03 $$   
   SPAC222.07c (hri2)   
   SPBC36B7.09 (ppk28)   
TKL family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
  (none) (none) CAD26582.1 Unknown
PIKK family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi Deletion mutant
  MEC1 SPBC216.05   
  TEL1 SPCC23B6.03c * CAD25142.1, CAD25955.1  
  TOR1 SPBC216.07c   
  TOR2 SPBC30D10.10c   
  TRA1 SPAC1F5.11c   
RIO family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi  
  RIO1 SPAC10F6.10   
  RIO2 SPBC1703.05 CAD26627.1  
PDHK family S. cerevisiae S. pombe E. cuniculi  
  YGL059W   (none)  
  YIL042C SPAC644.11c   
  1. $$novel; no information on these S pombe kinases
  2. * SPAC22E12.16c, SPBC577.06c, and SPAC458.05 are TEL1-related