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Table 1 Summary of two bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) libraries

From: End-sequencing and characterization of silkworm (Bombyx mori) bacterial artificial chromosome libraries

  Eco RI-digested library Bam HI-digested library
Vector pBACe3.6 [52] pBeloBAC11 [53]
Cloning site Eco RI Bam HI
Number of clones 36000 (96 × 384 wells) 21120 (55 × 384 wells)
Mean insert size (kbp) 168 165
Clone coverage × 11.4 × 6.6
Strain p50T (mixed insects) p50T (mixed insects)
  1. To calculate the percentage of the silkworm genome covered by the clones (clone coverage) in the Eco RI- and Bam HI-digested libraries, we assumed that the silkworm genome size was 530 Mb [34]. Detailed information on the Eco RI-digested library, such as the size distribution of BAC inserts, is available in the paper cited [49] and at the RPCI-96 BAC Library website [32]. Detailed information on the Bam HI-digested library can be obtained from the website of Texas A&M BAC Libraries [33].