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Table 2 "Other GPCRs"

From: The G protein-coupled receptor subset of the rat genome

GPCR (alias) #TM helices Conserved domains (e-value) First BLAST hits (best e-value)
PAQR5 6 HlyIII (3e-23) PAQR8 (6e-26), PAQR7 (6e-24), other PAQRs
PAQR7 6 HlyIII (2e-20) PAQR8 (2e-73), PAQR5 (1e-25), other PAQRs
PAQR8 6 HlyIII (4e-27) PAQR7 (6e-24), PAQR5 (1e-26), other PAQRs
GPR143 (OA1) 6 7TM_2 (3e-3), 7TM_1 (0.017) Secretin (0.09), Adhesion (0.091)
GPR149 (IEDA) 7 7TM_1 (1e-6) Rhodopsin (0.5)
Gpr181p 7 7TM_1 (2e-3) V1R (3e-5), Rhodopsin (3e-4), TAS2R (9e-3)
GPR157 7 7TM_2 (6e-13), 7TM_1 (8e-6), FZD (2e-4) Secretin (1e-4), Rhodopsin (1e-4), Adhesion (9e-4)
GPR107 7 Lung_7-TM_R (9e-76) GPR108 (2e-130), membrane proteins (1e-6)
GPR108 7 Lung_7-TM_R (9e-78) GPR107 (e-132), membrane proteins (4e-8)
GPR137 (C11ORF4) 7 - GPR137B (9e-75), membrane proteins (7e-16)
GPR137B (TM7SF1) 7 - GPR137 (6e-99), membrane proteins (1e-6)
GPR137C (TM7SF1L2) 7 - GPR137B (3e-60), different proteins (1e-4)
TM7SF3 7 - -
TM7SF4 (FIND, DC-STAMP) 6 - different proteins (3e-9)
GPR175 7 - -
GPR177 8 DUF1171 (4e-130) GPR178 (6e-5)
GPR178 9 MARCKS (1e-3), STOP (5e-3), APC (7e-3), IER (8e-3) GPR177 (1e-5)
TMEM185A 8 - Tmem185b (4e-169), uncharacterised proteins
Tmem185b 7 - TMEM185A (7e-169), uncharacterised proteins
GPR172A (PERVAR1) 11 DUF1011 (3e-29) GPR172B (4e-136), uncharacterised proteins
GPR172B (PERVAR2) 11 DUF1011 (3e-32) GPR172A (1e-144), uncharacterised proteins
  1. "Other GPCRs"; sequences that have been suggested to be GPCRs but are not members of any GPCR family. The searches for transmembrane helices were made using TMHMM version 2.0 [86]. Conserved domains were searched for using conserved domain search [71] with a cut-off at e = 0.01. The BLAST searches for the most similar proteins were performed in the Refseq database using a cut-off at e = 0.01.