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Table 3 Chromosomal locations of P450, Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and knockdown resistance (kdr) genes in An. funestus and their orthologs in An. gambiae.

From: Mapping a Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) conferring pyrethroid resistance in the African malaria vector Anopheles funestus

Genes Location in An. funestus Location in An. gambiae
CYP4G17 X:* X: 5A–5C
CYP9K1 X* X: 5A–5C
CYP6P2 2R: 9A–12C 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6P3 2R: 9A–12C 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6P4 2R: 9A–12C 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6P5 2R: 9A–12C 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6AA1 2R: 9A–12C 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6M1 2R: 14A–15E 3R: 29A–30E
CYP6P1 2L: 27A–28E 2R: 11B–13E
CYP6Z1 2L: 25A–27D 3R: 29A–30E
CYP6Z3 2L: 25A–27D 3R: 29A–30E
CYP9J12 3L* 3L: 43D–46D
CYP9J14 3L* 3L: 43D–46D
CYP4J10 3R* 2L: 22A–25D
AChE 2R: 9C–12C 2R:7C–10C
kdr 3R: 36A–37E 2L: 20C
  1. * Exact division unknown since chromosomal arm defined only from the linkage map; Underlined and italized are the only genes where the synteny between An. funestus and An. gambiae was not preserved.