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Table 1 Novel AZFc amplicon-specific sequence family variants (SFVs)

From: Characterizing partial AZFc deletions of the Y chromosome with amplicon-specific sequence markers

SFV GenBank accession number AZFc reference assembly BAC mappinga, b SFV position (bp in each BAC) Restriction Enzyme Restriction Fragments (bp) Allelic variantsc
b2_AZFc-SFV BV686548 AC008175 (b2) 62.881–63.530 Mnl I A- 653 +3ntd (b1, b3, b4)
   AC016752 (b3) 80.268–80.920   B- 452+197 no insertion (b2)
   AC007965 (b4) 99.077–99.729    
b3_AZFc-SFV BV686549 Same as above 52.143–52.652 Bln I A- 510 T (b1, b2, b4)
    91.161–91.670   B- 261+249 C (b3)
b4_AZFc-SFV BV686550 Same as above 43.853–44.482 Hph I A- 630 G (b1, b2, b3)
    99.325–99.954   B- 347+282 A (b4)
g1_AZFc-SFV BV686551 AC006366 (g1) 59.421–59.920 Bsm AI A- 500 C (g2, g3)
   AC010153 (g2) 54.938–55.437   B- 272+224 G (g1)
   AC016728 (g3) 50.071–50.570    
g2_AZFc-SFV BV686552 Same as above 61.496–61.987 Tsp 45I A- 274+170+38 G (g2)
    52.871–53.362   B- 274+137+38+28 C (g1, g3)
g3_AZFc-SFV BV686553 Same as above 62.357–62.774 Bsm AI A- 400 no insertion (g3)
    53.007–53.406   B- 251+163 +18nte (g1, g2)
Gr_AZFc-SFV BV686554 AC006983 (Gr1) 158.663–159.102 Sna BI A- 440 A (Gr1)
   AC024067 (Gr2) 13.026–13.465   B- 311+129 G (Gr2)
  1. a- GenBank accession numbers corresponding to the BAC clones containing the SFV copies (amplicon in parentheses).
  2. b- The blue amplicon family SFVs (b2_AZFc-SFV, b3_AZFc-SFV and b4_AZFc-SFV) also map to AC007359 (b1).
  3. c- Amplicon(s) specific for each allele are represented in parentheses.
  4. d- 462_463insAAG e- 153_154insGAGAGTCTCATCACCTGG