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Table 2 Complementation of E. coli narXLQP mutations by gonococcal NarQ and NarQP.

From: The small FNR regulon of Neisseria gonorrhoeae: comparison with the larger Escherichia coli FNR regulon and interaction with the NarQ-NarP regulon

Host strain Host genotype Plasmid Reporter β-galactosidase activity
     Ø2 + NO2 - + NO3 -
A. Complementation of a narXLQP mutation
JCB386   none nirB::lacZ 120 650 1200
JCB3861 narXL none nirB::lacZ 80 130 570
JCB3863 narXLQP none nirB::lacZ 49 39 61
JCB3863 narXLQP pGCNarQP nirB::lacZ 64 67 81
B. Phosphorylation of E. coli NarP by gonococcal NarQ
JCB391 narXLQ none napF::lacZ 130 110 120
JCB391 narXLQ pBADgcQ napF::lacZ 1630 1390 1350
C. Phosphorylation of E. coli NarL by gonococcal NarQ
JCB12 narXQ none frdA::lacZ 2830 2070 2570
JCB12 narXQ pBADgcQ frdA::lacZ 780 650 820
  1. E. coli transformed with the stated plasmids was grown anaerobically in LB in A. and B. and in minimal medium in C. in the absence or presence of 2.5 mM NaNO2 or 20 mM NaNO3 and the β-galactosidase activities determined.