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Table 3 Notations associated with Equation (1)

From: Gene expression profiling of long-lived dwarf mice: longevity-associated genes and relationships with diet, gender and aging

   Contrast α
   Upregulated Downregulated H0 not rejected
Contrast β Upregulated n +,+ n -,+ n 0,+
  Downregulated n +,- n -,- n 0,-
  H0 not rejected n +,0 n -,0 n 0,0
  1. The null hypothesis H0: μ Ai = μ Bi was evaluated for N genes with respect to contrasts α and β (see text). With respect to each contrast individually, genes are either upregulated, downregulated, or H0 is not rejected. With respect to both contrasts α and β, therefore, all N genes are classified into one of nine categories. The number of genes assigned to each category is indicated by the values of n given in the table.