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Table 2 Contig mapping

From: EST analysis on pig mitochondria reveal novel expression differences between developmental and adult tissues

Contig name Genes Expression Annotation
Mto.1-rpt br0137_p9.5 ATP6, ATP8, tRNA-lys ATP6, ATP8, tRNA-lys
Mto.1-rcbr0_003330.5 ATP6  
Mto.1-Pig4-TMW8011D08.5 CoIII CoIII
Mto.1-rlin28_c19.5 CoIII  
Mto.1-ruio09_m24.5 COII, tRNA-asp COII, tRNA-asp
Mto.1-rfce02c_c7.5 COII, tRNA-asp  
Mto.1-Pig3-SRG8019L17.3 COII  
Mto.1-rmcp16c_h16.5 tRNA-ala, -asn, -cys, -tyr tRNA-ala, -asn, -cys, -tyr
Mto.1-rlnt16c_c19.5.5 NADH2, tRNA-met NADH2, tRNA-met
Mto.1-raor035_i5.5 NADH2  
Mto.1-Pig1-12J20.5 NADH2  
Mto.1-rpigcf0_021006.5.5 12s rRNA 12s rRNA
Mto.1-rfhi4018b_b15.5 12s rRNA  
Mto.1-rfhi4034b_l17.5.5 NADH3 NADH3
Mto.1-rmas913b_n9.5 NADH3  
Mto.1-rpigca0_009382.5.264 NADH5, NADH6, tRNA-leu NADH5, NADH6, tRNA-leu
Mto.1-rdbla0134_l12.5.265 NADH5, NADH6  
Mto.1-rcbr0_002402.5.88 NADH1, tRNA-leu NADH1, tRNA-leu
Mto.1-risp19_019.5.109 NADH1, tRNA-leu  
Mto.1-rmed14c_h17.5 16s rRNA, tRNA-val 16s rRNA, tRNA-val
Mto.1-rcbr0_008583.5 16s rRNA  
Mto.1-reje01b_b4.5.221 CYTB CYTB
Mto.1-rnje02c_k15.5.223 CYTB  
Mto.1-rjej10b_b21.5.172 NADH4, NADH4L NADH4, NADH4L
Mto.1-rcbr0_013551.5.173 NADH4, NADH4L  
Mto.1-Pig3-SRG8014F12.3 NADH4  
Mto.1-Pig4-TMW8023L12.3 NADH4  
Mto.1-rece10_n9.5.336 COI, tRNA-ser COI, tRNA-ser
Mto.1-rhlv24b_m17.5.334 COI, tRNA-ser  
Mto.1-rhyp06c_f16.5 COI  
Mto.1-Pig3-SRG8017A07.5 COI  
  1. Table showing which genes the different contigs maps to. Found by comparing the matched (by BLAST) position to the annotations in genbank entry AF486866. The expression annotation column marks which clusters in the expression clustering the contig has gone into.