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Table 2 Conserved G/C tracts in C. briggsae and C. elegans

From: Poly-G/poly-C tracts in the genomes of Caenorhabditis

  C. briggsae gene C. elegans ortholog C. elegans chromosome
Intragenic G/C tracts CBG15813 vab-10 I
  CBG01202 H10D18.5 V
  CBG07964 hmr-1 I
Intergenic G/C tracts# CBG05578 dnj-25 V
  CBG07642 C18B12.2 X
  CBG13811 Y65A5A.1 IV
  CBG14237 ckc-1 X
  CBG03680 ZK430.8 II
  CBG04107 F32B5.6 I
  CBG04376 F32B4.5 I
  CBG06557 F59D6.6 V
  CBG07688 C33A11.1 X
  CBG09160* ceh-13* III
  CBG15039 C09G12.1 IV
  CBG15729 H10E21.2 III
  CBG20844 gur-4 II
  1. G/C tracts considered conserved between the two species under strict criterion were highlighted with bold font. # Intergenic G/C tracts were defined by closest gene in this table. *There are two G/C tracts in both CBG09160 of C. briggsae and ceh-13 of C. elegans.