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Table 1 Domain detection by InterProScan for characterizing of no-hit clones a

From: Functional annotation of 19,841 Populus nigra full-length enriched cDNA clones

Clone name b Accession Name E value
PnFL1-083_I10 IPR012336 Thioredoxin-like fold 0.0069
PnFL2-001_C15 IPR000480 Glutelin 5.40E-06
PnFL2-003_H05 IPR001810 Cyclin-like F-box 0.0014
PnFL2-004_G12 IPR007836 Ribosomal protein L41 1.60E-08
PnFL2-009_G19 IPR006031 XYPPX repeat 19
PnFL2-009_I06 IPR003882 Pistil-specific extensin-like protein 1.60E-07
PnFL2-010_B02 IPR006031 XYPPX repeat 64
PnFL2-010_P09 IPR006121 Heavy metal transport/detoxification protein 1.00E-09
PnFL2-013_P01 IPR000772 Ricin B lectin 2.20E-23
  IPR008997 Ricin B-related lectin 1.40E-30
PnFL2-016_G15 IPR010978 tRNA-binding arm 0.0046
PnFL2-021_F12 IPR000480 Glutelin 9.90E-05
PnFL2-021_J01 IPR000167 Dehydrin 0.00011
PnFL2-026_J14 IPR001627 Semaphorin/CD100 antigen 9.042
PnFL2-028_L04 IPR000480 Glutelin 9.90E-05
PnFL2-032_H01 IPR000048 IQ calmodulin-binding region 7.401
PnFL2-034_F13 IPR000480 Glutelin 6.50E-07
  IPR000976 Wilm's tumour protein 9.60E-05
  IPR006706 Extensin-like region 1.20E-31
PnFL2-034_J01 IPR010978 tRNA-binding arm 0.0046
PnFL2-036_J14 IPR001810 Cyclin-like F-box 5.50E-05
PnFL2-046_A21 IPR000772 Ricin B lectin 2.20E-23
  IPR008997 Ricin B-related lectin 1.40E-30
PnFL2-046_B04 IPR000480 Glutelin 4.50E-07
PnFL2-048_D17 IPR006031 XYPPX repeat 64
PnFL2-048_H02 IPR000048 IQ calmodulin-binding region 7.401
PnFL2-055_F11 IPR003267 Small proline-rich 3.10E-05
PnFL2-064_O17 IPR000480 Glutelin 1.90E-05
  IPR003882 Pistil-specific extensin-like protein 5.00E-06
PnFL2-067_N14 IPR009424 Protein of unknown function DUF1070 1.10E-27
PnFL2-075_P11 IPR001810 Cyclin-like F-box 5.90E-05
PnFL2-076_H24 IPR006031 XYPPX repeat 19
PnFL2-077_G19 IPR001878 Zinc finger, CCHC-type 1.70E-06
PnFL2-078_N14 IPR001179 Peptidylprolyl isomerase, FKBP-type 0.00067
PnFL2-079_I20 IPR006077 Vinculin/alpha-catenin 2.40E-05
PnFL2-087_M22 IPR000048 IQ calmodulin-binding region 7.401
PnFL2-090_P08 IPR008011 Complex 1 LYR protein 3.70E-15
PnFL2-098_J19 IPR002885 Pentatricopeptide repeat 2.80E-08
PnFL2-102_L04 IPR000480 Glutelin 1.30E-06
  IPR003882 Pistil-specific extensin-like protein 1.90E-07
  1. a Substituted P. trichocarpa CDS for PnFL ESTs were subjected to the InterProScan program. This table corresponds to 'annotation list c ' in Fig. 2.
  2. b PnFL clones whose substitutive sequences have at least one hit are listed.