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Table 1 Additional genes added to the analysis

From: Impact of light on Hypocrea jecorina and the multiple cellular roles of ENVOY in this process

Gene(s) Encoded protein Function
tre34179 and tre37417 S-adenosyl methionine dependent methyl transferase Increased methylation of DNA in response to stress leads to decreased transcription [69];
tmk3 MAPkinase Involved in signal transduction; yeast homologue HOG1 regulates glycogen phosphorylase [70]. Glycogen content of H. jecorina decreases upon illumination [71]
hac1 Transcription factor Transcription factor involved in regulation of unfolded protein response [34]
thi4 Thiazole biosynthetic enzyme Involved in the biosynthesis of thiazols and in DNA damage response, Fusarium homologue is induced under stress conditions [32]
gph1 Glycogen phosphorylase Involved in degradation of glycogen; glycogen content is decreased upon illumination in H. jecorina [71]
cpc1 Transcription factor Cross pathway control protein 1; component of the cross pathway control machinery, involved in activation of amino acid biosynthesis, induced under secretion stress [55]