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Table 2 Repression by atrazine of genes involved in xenobiotic and oxidative stress response

From: Genome-wide interacting effects of sucrose and herbicide-mediated stress in Arabidopsis thaliana: novel insights into atrazine toxicity and sucrose-induced tolerance

   Treatment comparison
Accession number Gene description MA/M S/M SA/M
At1g07890 L-ascorbate peroxidase 1, cytosolic (APX1) -1.82 nde nde
At1g78370 Glutathione S-transferase, putative (AtGSTU20) -3.72 0.82 -0.92
At2g34490 Cytochrome P450 family protein (CYP710A2) -2.96 nde nde
At2g47470 PDIL, thioredoxin family protein -1.74 nde nde
At3g03190 Glutathione S-transferase, putative (AtGSTF11) -1.80 nde -0.85
At4g04830 MrsB5, methionine sulfoxide reductase domain-containing protein/SeIR domain-containing protein -2.06 nde nde
At5g42650 Allene oxide synthase (AOS) -2.76 nde -2.55
  1. nde: not differentially expressed, genes with a Bonferroni P-values higher than 5% were considered as being not differentially expressed as described in Lurin et al. [75].