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Table 1 Genes differentially expressed between iron near-isogenic lines that cluster with other stress induced genes.

From: Microarray analysis of iron deficiency chlorosis in near-isogenic soybean lines

Clone ID Federated Ratio P Value Associated TIGR TC UNIREF 100 TBLASTX UniRef DB Annotation Cluster Members UniRef Blast E-Value
Gm-c1004-1674 0.296 0.2128 GmTC206003 Q9SJQ9 Fructose-Bisphosphate Aldoslase 1Fe, 1PS, 1ST 1.00E-177
Gm-c1028-6047 2.176 0.0012 GmTC220166 Q9M590 Serine/Threonine Protein Kinase 3Fe, 118PS, 107ST 1.00E-103
Gm-c1028-8683 2.204 0.0417 GmTC223013 Q9XHP4 Peroxissomal Copper Containing Oxidase 1Fe, 2PS, 1ST 1.00E-118
Gm-c1028-8247 2.409 0.0391 GmTC225799 Q8H0T8 Initiation Factor eIF-4 gamma 3Fe, 118PS, 107ST 0
Gm-c1004-8188 2.412 0.0366 GmTC224861 Q9XEE6 Zinc Finger Protein, Cys3His 1Fe, 3ST 1.00E-164
Gm-c1028-6637 2.536 0.1137 GmTC219139 Q9ZT44 Zinc Finger Protein, H2 2Fe, 6PS, 11ST 1.00E-55
Gm-c1028-5360 2.701 0.0036 AW831928 Q9C9T6 Zinc Finger Protein 2Fe, 6PS, 11ST 2.00E-19
Gm-c1009-2360 2.597 0.0262 GmTC208403 Q9LDA7 Phosphatase type 2C/ 1Fe, 5PS, 6ST/1Fe, 9PS, 5ST 1.00E-107
Gm-c1004-7092 2.639 0.0208 GmTC225579 Q56E95 Ethylene Responsive Transcription Factor 2Fe, 8PS, 33ST 8e-36
Gm-c1009-2900 2.936 0.0078 GmTC214121 Q9FE67 Ethylene Responsive Transcription Factor/Ubiquitin 2Fe, 8PS, 33ST/2Fe 1.00E-24/2.00E-64
Gm-c1028-6890 5.219 0.0163 GmTC214518 Q49976 Ubiquitin 2Fe 2.00E-63
Gm-c1028-8604 2.821 0.0935 GmTC228370 Q9AXD7 Response Regulator Protein (ARR) 1Fe, 1PS, 7ST 1.00E-49
Gm-c1028-8161 2.827 0.0246 GmTC205220 Q69IX0 RER1A 1Fe, 1PS 1.00E-67
Gm-c1028-6556 2.891 0.0340 GmTC228039 Q75HJ3 Chaperonin Protein 1Fe, 1PS 1.00E-136
Gm-c1013-3137 3.01 0.0083 GmTC228924 Q6J4N8 RuBisCo Activase Protein 1Fe, 1PS, 1ST 2.00E-95
Gm-c1013-2333 3.117 0.0026 GmTC209508 Q2V2S5 SNARE Protein 2Fe, 31PS, 15ST 1.00E-143
Gm-c1028-1706 3.138 0.0091 GmTC230619 Q9SKM5 RNA Methyltransferase 1Fe, 1PS 2.00E-47
Gm-c1028-2326 3.156 0.0361 AW704123 Q9ZNZ6 Peroxidase Precursor 1Fe, 22PS, 5ST 1.00E-26
Gm-c1028-1633 3.214 0.0713 GmTC218842 Q9SPJ5 Dihydroflavonol 4 Reductase 1Fe, 4PS, 3ST 2.00E-66
Gm-c1028-5349 3.583 0.0018 GmTC204156 Q9M6R1 Heat Shock Protein Hsp70 1Fe, 2ST/1Fe, 2PS, 1ST 1.00E-115
Gm-c1004-6630 3.593 0.1557 GmTC206397 O80567 RNA Binding Protein 1Fe, 1PS, 1ST 1.00E-48
Gm-c1028-2676 3.776 0.0542 GmC225028 Q946J9 Aquaporin Protein PIP1 2Fe, 31PS, 15ST 1.00E-153
Gm-c1028-4123 5.576 0.027 AW666293 No UniRef No UniRef Hit E < 10E-4 1Fe, 2PS, 2ST N/A
Gm-c1028-9215 5.174 0.1109 GmTC216364 Q9MA17 Map Protein Kinase 3Fe, 118PS, 107ST 0
  1. The clone ID identifies the specific clone spotted on the microarray. The Federated Ratio is the fold change between the two near isogenic lines. Fold changes above 2 represent genes over-expressed in the iron inefficient plant compared to the iron efficient plant while fold changes below 0.5 represent genes under-expressed in the iron inefficient plant compared to the iron efficient plant. The TIGR TC represents the tentative consensus sequence to which the clone ID belongs according to TIGR. The UNIPROT annotation is the identified function of genes showing high similarity to the sequence of the TIGR TC. Cluster members indicate the number of genes induced by iron deficiency (Fe), phosphorus depravation (PS), or general abiotic stress (ST) that share high sequence similarity to form a unique cluster grouping. The E-value is the association of the annotation to the TIGR TC sequence.