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Table 2 Genes differentially expressed between near-isogenic lines that did not cluster with other iron or stress induced genes.

From: Microarray analysis of iron deficiency chlorosis in near-isogenic soybean lines

Clone ID Federated Ratio P-Value Associated TIGR TC UniProt TBLASTX UniProt DB Annotation UniProt Blast E-Value
Gm-c1028-8390 2.217 0.1037 BE021708 Q7XZ14 Transcription Factor DP1 7.00E-11
Gm-c1028-6580 2.247 0.0403 GmTC215393 Q06364 26S Proteasome non-ATPase Regulatory Subunit 1.00E-177
Gm-c1028-4867 2.379 0.0316 AW831377 Q8RWY1 2OG-Fe(II) Oxygenase 1.00E-25
Gm-c1028-7485 2.471 0.0311 GmTC219105 Q940G0 Endomembrane Protein 1.00E-133
Gm-c1028-2190 2.471 0.0426 GmTC227948 Q6DBF6 Membrane Protein 3.00E-35
Gm-c1028-720 2.663 0.0065 GmTC227091 Q949M9 Putative arsA Homolog hASNA-1 1.00E-147
Gm-c1004-5020 2.772 0.0241 GmTC225133 Q8JUF1 Large Polyprotein 2 0
Gm-c1004-6717 2.788 0.1011 GmTC203969 Q7XYW5 Plant Specific Membrane Protein 3.00E-18
Gm-c1009-2578 2.892 0.0551 AW278268 No UniRef No UniRef Hit E < 10-4 NA
Gm-c1028-8336 3.087 0.0004 BE021665 No UniRef No UniRef Hit E < 10-4 NA
Gm-c1004-6231 3.429 0.0599 GmTC204328 Q3HVN0 Ubiquitin Conjugating Enzyme 5.00E-59
Gm-c1013-2943 3.435 0.1685 GmTC226909 Q9C9T6 Zinc Ring Finger Protein 8.00E-61
Gm-c1028-1850 3.532 0.0179 GmTC229698 Motif Analysis TIR-NBS-LRR-TIR Type Disease Resistance Protein NA
Gm-c1028-4530 3.532 0.0102 AW704680 Q1SL19 Nonsense Mediated Decay Protein UPF3 3.00E-51
Gm-c1028-8658 3.564 0.0041 BE021924 Q6W5B6 Ethylene Receptor 4.00E-11
Gm-c1028-8183 3.687 0.2337 BE021484 Q9LR39 No UniRef Hit E < 10E-4 NA
Gm-c1028-3740 3.712 0.0359 GmTC217970 Q9LY38 Phagocytosis and Cell Motility Protein 3.00E-32
Gm-c1028-1088 4.181 0.1264 GmTC217285 Q8H9B4 UDP-glucosyltransferase 1.00E-179
Gm-c1028-963 7.149 0.0057 GmTC225698 Q2TE73 Zinc Ring Finger Protein 1.00E-108
  1. This list of genes represents the genes identified as differentially expressed between the NILs under iron deficient conditions which do not have sequence homology to other known stress induced genes. The sequences of these genes also showed no homology to other genes induced by iron deficiency and differentially expressed between the NILs. The clone ID identifies the specific clone spotted on the microarray. The Federated Ratio is the fold change between the two near isogenic lines. Fold changes above 2 represent genes over-expressed in the iron inefficient plant compared to the iron efficient plant while fold changes below 0.5 represent genes under-expressed in the iron inefficient plant compared to the iron efficient plant. The TIGR TC represents the tentative consensus sequence to which the clone ID belongs according to TIGR. The UNIPROT annotation is the identified function of genes showing high similarity to the sequence of the TIGR TCThe E-value is the association of the annotation to the TIGR TC sequence.