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Table 4 Genes significantly overexpressed in cell lines with amplification of 5p (T-test, p < 0.05).

From: Combined array-comparative genomic hybridization and single-nucleotide polymorphism-loss of heterozygosity analysis reveals complex genetic alterations in cervical cancer

Gene symbol Chromosomal Location
ARSB chr5p11
RPL37 chr5p13
SKP2 chr5p13
OSMR chr5p13.1
TARS chr5p13.2
RAD1 chr5p13.2
SUB1 chr5p13.3
RNASEN chr5p13.3
POLS chr5p15
SDHA chr5p15
TRIO chr5p15.1-p14
NDUFS6 chr5p15.33
TRIP13 chr5p15.33
PDCD6 chr5pter-p15.2