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Table 1

From: Signal transduction-related responses to phytohormones and environmental challenges in sugarcane

MeJA ABA Herbivory Phosphate starvation Gluconacetobacter Herbaspirillum Drought
Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5 Cy3   Cy5
0h (C1) vs. 1h (E1) 0h (C1) vs. 30min (E1) 30min (E1) vs. 30min (C1) 6h (E1) vs. 6h (C1) E1 vs. C1 E1 vs. C1 24h (C1) vs. 24 h (E1)
0h (C1) vs. 6h (E1) 0h (C1) vs. 1h (E1) 24h (E1) vs. 24h (C1) 12h (E1) vs. 12h (C1) C2 vs. E2 C2 vs. E2 72h (C1) vs. 72 h (E1)
0h (C1) vs. 12h (E1) 0h (C1) vs. 6h (E1) 30min (C2) vs. 30min (E2) 24h (E1) vs. 24h (C1)        120h (C1) vs. 120 h (E1)
1h (E2) vs. 0h (C2) 0h (C1) vs. 12h (E1) 24h (C2) vs. 24h (E2) 48h (E1) vs. 48h (C1)        24 h (E2) vs. 24h (C2)
6h (E2) vs. 0h (C2) 30min (E2) vs. 0h (C2)     6h (C2) vs. 6h (E2)        72 h (E2) vs. 72h (C2)
12h (E2) vs. 0h (C2) 1h (E2) vs. 0h (C2)     12h (C2) vs. 12h (E2)        120 h (E2) vs. 120h (C2)
    6h (E2) vs. 0h (C2)     24h (C2) vs. 24h (E2)          
    12h (E2) vs. 0h (C2)     48h (C2) vs. 48h (E2)          
SP80-3280 SP70-1143 SP90-1638
  1. cDNA microarray hybridizations. The table indicates which CyDye was used to label each sample and the experimental design. Two biological replicates were sampled for each treatment (E1 and E2) or control (C1 and C2) experiments. The table also indicates the cultivar used in each experiment.