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Table 2 A. pleuropneumoniae genes which are up-regulated during iron restriction

From: Transcriptional profiling of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae under iron-restricted conditions

Gene ID Gene Description Fold Change
ap2147+ - possible N-methylhydantoinase B/acetone carboxylase, α subunit 6.22
ap0740 - predicted iron-dependent peroxidase 3.56
ap2196 PM1515 protein of unknown function 3.40
ap0741+ - predicted high-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease 3.06
ap2146 - possible N-methylhydantoinase B/acetone carboxylase, α subunit 2.88
ap0739+ ccrA1 predicted periplasmic protein involved in iron transport 2.69
ap2014 rpmJ1 conserved hypothetical protein 2.01
ap0286 nagB conserved hypothetical protein 1.85
ap1686 araJ conserved hypothetical protein 1.84
ap2182 rpsU conserved hypothetical protein 1.83
ap2207 PM1452 protein of unknown function 1.63
ap0035 - hypothetical protein 1.62
ap1927 - outer membrane lipoprotein A 1.59
ap1436 NMA1782 conserved hypothetical protein 1.57
ap0755 aroA conserved hypothetical protein 1.55
ap0874 - hypothetical protein 1.54
ap0143 rplI HIT-like protein 1.51
ap0056 typA predicted membrane GTPase involved in stress response 1.51
ap1364 add conserved hypothetical protein 1.49
ap1252 icc conserved putative lipoprotein 1.45
ap0371 yrbK conserved hypothetical protein 1.43
ap0478 HI0719 conserved hypothetical protein 1.43
ap1444 fimD conserved hypothetical protein 1.43
ap1598 slyD hypothetical protein 1.41
ap0907 HI1265 conserved hypothetical protein 1.41
ap0375 firA conserved hypothetical protein 1.39
ap0079 comF conserved glutaredoxin-like protein 1.37
ap0329 mlc conserved hypothetical protein 1.36
ap1664 HI1720 conserved hypothetical protein 1.34
ap0059 dnaQ uncharacterized stress-induced protein 1.30
ap1172 PM1281 predicted permease 1.30
ap0324 ureF conserved hypothetical protein 1.16
Biosynthesis of cofactors
ap0423 ribB riboflavin synthase α subunit 1.59
ap0422 ribG riboflavin-specific deaminase 1.43
ap0947 licA putative oxygen-independent coproporphyrinogen III oxidase (HemN) 1.37
ap1036 fdx2 ferredoxin 1.35
Energy metabolism
ap2032 lldD l-lactate dehydrogenase 4.98
ap1733 xylB probable L-xylulose kinase (L-xylulokinase) 3.04
ap1424 ndh NADH dehydrogenase 1.86
ap1363 fldA flavodoxin 1.61
Transport and binding proteins: cations and iron
ap1740+ tonB1 energy transducing protein 8.71
ap2142+ PM0741 outer membrane protein, Fe transport, hemoglobin 6.15
ap1175+ hgbA hemoglobin-binding protein precursor 5.89
ap1176+ hgbA hemoglobin-binding protein precursor 5.45
ap2144+ NMB1668 hemoglobin receptor 4.78
ap1177+ hugZ heme utilization protein 4.14
ap0295+ yfeA iron (chelated) ABC transporter, periplasmic-binding protein 3.88
ap2143+ PM0741 outer membrane protein, Fe transport, haemoglobin 3.66
ap0296+ yfeA iron (chelated) ABC transporter, periplasmic-binding protein 3.55
ap1453+ omp64 outer membrane protein, TonB dependent receptor 3.09
ap0294+ yfeB iron (chelated) transporter, ATP-binding protein 2.98
ap2145+ NMB1668 hemoglobin receptor 2.85
ap0300+ omp64 outer membrane protein, TonB dependent receptor 2.07
ap0301+ omp64 outer membrane protein, TonB dependent receptor 1.93
ap0797+ fetB2 putative ferric enterobactin transporter binding protein 1.76
ap0796+ fetB2 putative ferric enterobactin transporter binding protein 1.60
ap0082+ tonB2 energy transducing protein 1.57
ap0801+ NMB1993 iron(III) ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein 1.49
ap0144+ yfeD iron (chelated) transport system, membrane protein 1.47
ap0145+ yfeC iron (chelated) transport system, membrane protein 1.38
Transport and binding proteins: others
ap1437 NMA0994 putative periplasmic protein 1.58
Regulatory functions
ap0726 hlyX FNR-like transcriptional regulator 2.63
ap0652 HI0893 transcriptionnal repressor Bm3R1 1.24
Protein fate
ap0399 ssa1 subtilisin-like serine protease 2.36
ap0400 ssa1 subtilisin-like serine protease 2.22
ap0401 ssa1 subtilisin-like serine protease 2.01
ap1887 def peptide deformylase 1.64
ap1432 clpP ATP-dependent Clp protease 1.54
ap1160 prlC oligopeptidase A 1.39
ap1134 mopB heat-shock 10 protein GroES 1.36
ap1431 clpX ATP-dependent Clp protease, ATP-binding ClpX subunit 1.20
Protein synthesis
ap0337 tdk probable tRNA-dihydrouridine synthase C 1.95
ap1295 potD1 probable pseudo-uridine synthase 1.35
ap1895 rplK 50S ribosomal protein L11 1.32
ap1305 rplI 50S ribosomal protein L9 1.31
ap1253 rluD pseudo-uridine synthase 1.24
ap0245 infC translation initiation factor IF-3 1.23
ap1666 valS valyl-tRNA synthetase 1.22
Cellular processes
ap0168 napC transformation locus protein OrfG 1.62
ap1505 HI1275 tellurite resistance protein TehB 1.61
ap1606 apxIC RTX-1 toxin determinant 1.57
ap0688 ftsK cell division protein FtsK 1.27
ap0025 ftsA cell division protein FtsA 1.22
Cell envelope
ap0486 mreB similar to rod shape-determining protein MreB 1.33
ap0507 lapB putative membrane protein, virK family member 1.30
Fatty acids and phospholipids metabolism
ap1649 accA acetyl-CoA carboxylase carboxyl transferase α subunit 1.38
Amino acids biosynthesis
ap2037 ilvC ketol-acid reductoisomerase 2.38
ap1566 gshA putative gluthatione biosynthesis bifunctionnal protein 1.51
ap0466 argG argininosuccinate synthetase 1.24
DNA metabolism
ap2148 mutL DNA mismatch repair protein MutL 1.34
ap2202 srmB ATP-dependent RNA helicase 1.19
Central intermediary metabolism
ap1688 HI0111 gluthatione transferase 1.24
  1. + Genes coding for proteins involved in iron transport