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Table 3 Expression of bovine BPI-like genes (Y indicates expression observed)

From: Expansion of the Bactericidal/Permeability Increasing-like (BPI-like) protein locus in cattle

Gene GenBank accession TIGR Gene Indices Northern RT-PCR
BPIL1 DQ835287 - Y  
BPIL3 DQ777772 -   Y
RYA3 - -   
RY2G5 - BE754700   
BSP30A NM_174803 TC283560 Y1  
BSP30C DQ835286 TC277047 Y  
BSP30D DQ777773 -   Y
BSP30B U79414 TC299635 Y1  
BASE DQ777771 -   Y
SPLUNC3 DQ677839 - Y  
PLUNC NM_174426 TC279567 Y2  
VEMSGP NM_174697 TC280967 Y2  
LPLUNC5 - -   
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