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Table 3 Age-associated effects on the transcript levels of p53-related genes in various tissues of C57Bl6/J mice.

From: Gene expression profiling of aging reveals activation of a p53-mediated transcriptional program

Expression Ratio (%CR Prevention)
  p21 p16 p53 Pmaip1
muscle 2.2*(38%) 2.0*(65%) 1.4*(115%) 2.7**(79%)
heart 3.3*(104%) 2.6**(42%) NSC 1.6*(104%)
lung NSC 4.2*(62%) NSC 1.7 (65%)
liver 2.6 (103%) 5.7**(23%) 1.5 (349%) 1.6 (116%)
kidney 1.6*(-37%) 11.2*(55%) 1.3*(94%) 1.4 (136%)
brain NSC 6.6**(28%) NSC 1.7**(34%)
intestine 1.5 40.6** NSC 6.8*
  1. Listed above are genes that are components of the p53 signaling pathway that show an age effect on expression in multiple mouse tissue-types. Expression ratio (O/Y) information is given for each gene if there was a significant difference (P < 0.05) in transcript levels, as determined by RT-PCR, between young and old or if this difference exceeded 1.2 fold and there was at least a 50% caloric restriction (CR) prevention. A total of 5 mice were used for each age group and diet (mRNA from CR mice were pooled together) for heart and muscle while 4 mice per age and diet were used for the remaining tissue types. No intestinal samples were available for old CR mice and therefore no values are given for this tissue for CR prevention. Statistical significance was determined using two-tailed Student's t-test, *P < 0.05; **P < 0.005. NSC = no significant change.