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Table 1 ABC systems present in B. pseudomallei and absent in B. mallei

From: ATP-binding cassette systems in Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei

Family/Subfamilya Allocrite/Function B. pseudomallei K96243 B. mallei ATCC 23344 No. of similar systems functioning
DPL/HLY Haemolysin BPSL1660/1664/1665 System absent 2
DPL/HMT Fe/S cluster precursor BPSL1797 System absent 2
DPL/SID Pyochelin BPSS0589b/0590 System absent 0
DRI/YHIH Unknown BPSS1937/1938/1939 Pseudogene 0
HAA Branched-chain amino acids BPSS0575/0576/0577/0578/0579/0802 Components absent 5
ISB Unknown BPSL2369/2370/2371 Pseudogene 0
ISVH Fe(III)-pyochelin BPSS0591/BPSL1781/1783/1784 Component absent 0
ISVH Haemin BPSL2721/2722/2723/2724 Pseudogene 1
MOI Iron (III) BPSS0702/0703/0704 Pseudogene 2
MOI Polyamines BPSL1649/1650/1651/1652 (on genomic island) System absent 2
MOI Polyamines BPSS0075/0076/0077 System absent 2
MOI Polyamines BPSS0464/0465/0466/0467 System absent 2
MOS Monosaccharide BPSS0140/0141/0142 System absent 2
MOS Monosaccharide BPSS1030/1031/1032/1033 Components absent 2
MOS Monosaccharide BPSS2069/2070/2071 (on genomic island) System absent 2
MOS Ribose BPSL1832/1833/1834 System absent 1
MOS Ribose BPSS0255/0256/0257 Pseudogene 1
o228 Unknown BPSS0623/0624/0625 System absent 4
OSP Oligosaccharide or polyol BPSS2082/2083/2084/2085 (on genomic island) System absent 1
OTCN Aliphatic sulphonates BPSL1822/1823/1824 System absent 2
OTCN Nitrate BPSL0712/0713 System absent 1
OTCN Taurine BPSS1572/1573/1574 Pseudogene 0
PAO Polar amino acid BPSL1807/1808/1809 System absent 0
PHN Alkylphosphonate BPSL2848/2849/2850 Pseudogene 0
  1. a Families and subfamilies as described at the ABSCISSE database [34]; b [27]