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Table 5 Proteins that are specific for methanogens (Methanoarchaeota)

From: Phylogenomic analysis of proteins that are distinctive of Archaea and its main subgroups and the origin of methanogenesis

(a) Proteins specific to Methanoarchaeota
MMP0001 [NP_987121] COG4014 MMP1346 [NP_988466] MtrX COG4002
MMP00215 [NP_987141] COG4079 MMP1555 [NP_988675] MCR_B CDD25889
MMP0143 [NP_987263] COG4069 MMP1556 [NP_988676] MCR_D CDD3015
MMP0154 [NP_987274] COG4070 MMP1557 [NP_988677] MCR_C CDD15906
MMP03115 [NP_987431] COG4048 MMP1558 [NP_988678] MCR_G CDD29638
MMP0312 [NP_987432] COG4050 MMP1559 [NP_988679] MCR_A CDD8362
MMP0337 [NP_987457] COG4029 MMP1560 [NP_988680] MtrE CDD9765
MMP0421 [NP_987541] COG4052 MMP1561 [NP_988681] MtrD CDD9766
MMP05635 [NP_987683] COG4090 MMP1562 [NP_988682] MtrC CDD17461
MMP0642 [NP_987762] COG4020 MMP1563 [NP_988683] MtrB CDD23666
MMP0656 [NP_987776] COG4051 MMP15644 [NP_988684] MtrA COG4063
MMP0665 [NP_987785] COG4066 MMP1566 [NP_988686] MtrG CDD9769
MMP06985 [NP_987818] COG4033 MMP1593 [NP_988713] COG1571  
MMP07015 [NP_987821] COG4081 MMP1644 [NP_988764] COG4022  
MMP1223 [NP_988343] COG4065 MMP1704 [NP_988824] COG4008  
MMP13095 [NP_988429] COG4073     
(b) Proteins specific to all methanogen and A. fulgidus
MMP0372 [NP_987492] MTD CDD2518 MMP0962 [NP_988082] COG4855  
MMP04001 [NP_987520] COG1707 MMP09765 [NP_988096] COG1810  
MMP04995 [NP_987619] ArsR CDD28947 MMP09845 [NP_988104] CO_dh CDD3060
MMP06072 [NP_987727] NrpR COG1693 MMP14995 [NP_988619] HTH COG4800
MMP09615 [NP_988081] CDD15263 MMP15673 [NP_988687] MtrH CDD25859
(c) Proteins specific to some methanogen and A. fulgidus
Mbur_0042 [YP_564815]   Mbur_0546 [YP_565273]   
Mbur_0348 [YP_565093]   Mbur_0652 [YP_565373]   
Mbur_0350 [YP_565095]   Mbur_0992 [YP_565682]   
Mbur_0545 [YP_565272]   Mbur_1754 [YP_566394] CDD48145  
Mbur_0387 [YP_565131] CDD28974 Mbur_1911 [YP_566543]   
  1. The protein ID number starting with Mbur represents query protein from the genome of M. burtonii. "=" means paralogous genes.
  2. Note 1. A homolog to MMP0400 is found in Solibacter usitatus Ellin6076 and Rubrobacter xylanophilus DSM 9941;
  3. Note 2. A homolog to MMP0607 is found in Dehalococcoides sp. CBDB1 and D. ethenogenes 195;
  4. Note 3. A homolog to MMP1567 is found in 2 Desulfitobacterium hafniense strains (Firmicutes), and the CmuB protein from 3 species belonging to Rhizobiales of α-proteobacteria also show great similarity with MtrH;
  5. Note 4. A homolog to MMP1564 is also found in Dechloromonas aromatica RCB;
  6. Note 5. These 10 proteins are absent in the genome of Methanosphaera stadtmanae DSM 3091.