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Table 6 Proteins that are specific to certain subgroups of methanogens

From: Phylogenomic analysis of proteins that are distinctive of Archaea and its main subgroups and the origin of methanogenesis

(a) Proteins specific to Methanococcales, Methanobacteriales, Methanopyrales and Methanomicrobiales
MMP0125 [NP_987245] COG4018    MMP1451 [NP_988571] EhaD COG4039  
MMP0935 [NP_988055] CDD26896    MMP1452 [NP_988572] EhaE COG4038  
MMP1243 [NP_988363] CDD30112    MMP1453 [NP_988573] EhaF COG4037  
MMP1449 [NP_988569] EhaB COG4041    MMP1454 [NP_988574] EhaG COG4036  
MMP1450 [NP_988570] EhaC COG4040    MMP1498 [NP_988618] CDD26800  
(b) Proteins specific to Methanococcales, Methanobacteriales and Methanopyrales
MMP0127 [NP_987247] Hmd CDD8560    MMP1459 [NP_988579] EhaL COG4035  
MMP0267 [NP_987387] COG4053    MMP1497 [NP_988617] COG4019  
MMP0618 [NP_987738] COG4075    MMP1598 [NP_988718] CDD15766  
MMP1217 [NP_988337] COG4024    MMP1664 [NP_988784] COG4071  
MMP1448 [NP_988568] EhaA COG4042    MMP1716 [NP_988836] HmdII CDD8560  
(c) Proteins specific to Methanobacteriales and Methanopyrales
MK0046 [NP_613333]   MK0502 [NP_613787]   MK0927 [NP_614210]  
MK0108 [NP_613395]   MK0749 [NP_614033]   MK1599 [NP_614882] = MK0927  
MK0147 [NP_613434]   MK0750 [NP_614034]   MK1282 [NP_614565] = MK0502  
MK0241 [NP_613528]   MK0751 [NP_614035]   MK1513 [NP_614796]  
MK0431 [NP_613716]   MK0854 [NP_614137] COG0707 MK1541 [NP_614824]  
(d) Proteins specific to Methanosarcinales
Mbur_0178 [YP_564939]   Mbur_1314 [YP_565982]   Mbur_1890 [YP_566523]  
Mbur_0218 [YP_564978]   Mbur_1506 [YP_566163]   Mbur_1953 [YP_566584]  
Mbur_0544 [YP_565271]   Mbur_1512 [YP_566169] COG4742 Mbur_1956 [YP_566587]  
Mbur_0997 [YP_565686]   Mbur_1689 [YP_566333]   Mbur_2254 [YP_566865]  
Mbur_1283 [YP_565952]   Mbur_1863 [YP_566496]     
(e) Proteins only found in Methanococcales and Methanobacteriales
MMP0124 [NP_987244]   MMP1073 [NP_988193] COG1320 MMP1460 [NP_988580] EhaM  
MMP0223 [NP_987343]   MMP1110 [NP_988230] CDD2427 MMP1633 [NP_988753]  
MMP0940 [NP_988060]        
(f) Proteins only found in Methanococcales and Methanopyrales
MMP1065 [NP_988185]   MMP1467 [NP_988587] EhaT   MMP1568 [NP_988688] COG4010
MMP1118 [NP_988238] CDD28974       
(g) Proteins only found in Methanosarcinales and Methanomicrobiales
Mbur_0145 [YP_564912]   Mbur_1977 [YP_566606]   Mbur_2094 [YP_566718]  
Mbur_1266 [YP_565937]   Mbur_2017 [YP_566644]   Mbur_2402 [YP_567003]  
Mbur_1788 [YP_566426]        
  1. The protein ID number starting with MK represents query protein from the genome of M. kandleri AV19.