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Table 7 Proteins restricted to several archaeal lineages

From: Phylogenomic analysis of proteins that are distinctive of Archaea and its main subgroups and the origin of methanogenesis

(a) Proteins only found in Thermococci, Archaeoglobus and methanogens
PAB0076 [NP_125818] CDD15620 PAB1291 [NP_127284] CDD41906
PAB0138 [NP_125896] CDD9576 PAB1584 [NP_126876] COG4072
PAB0965 [NP_127127] CDD15705 PAB1860 [NP_126440]  
PAB19271 [NP_126347] CDD29323 PAB0813 [NP_126902] COG1630
PAB1994 [NP_126245] CDD9568 PAB0853 [NP_126970]  
PAB0036 [NP_125764]   PAB1251 [NP_127332] endonuclease COG3780
PAB0054 [NP_125787] CDD41919 PAB1779 [NP_126559] CDD43950
PAB0176 [NP_125948] CDD43579 PAB18062 [NP_126515] CDD43599
PAB1127 [NP_127394] CDD30177 PAB2413 [NP_126288] COG1710
(b) Proteins unique to Thermococci + Archaeoglobus
PAB0981 [NP_127155]   PAB1672 [NP_126731]  
PAB0982 [NP_127156]   PAB3017 [NP_125737]  
PAB0985 [NP_127159]   PAB7298 [NP_126858]  
(c) Proteins mainly shared by Halobacteria and some methanogens
VNG0240C3 [AAG18840] COG4031 VNG2315H [AAG20425] MC1 CDD45747
VNG1236C [AAG19598]   VNG2508C [AAG20570] Cyo COG4083
VNG1611C [AAG19875] COG4749 VNG2524H [AAG20585]  
VNG1670C [AAG19921] COG3612 VNG2669G [AAG20696]  
VNG1891H [AAG20086]     
(d) Proteins mainly shared by Thermoplasmata and Sulfolobus
Ta0035 [NP_393514] COG5592 Ta1440 [NP_394894]  
Ta0164 [NP_393642]   Ta1453 [NP_394906]  
Ta0165 [NP_393643]   Ta1507 [NP_394957] CDD29645
Ta0267 [NP_393747] CDD43623 Saci_0040 [YP_254763]  
Ta0308 [NP_393788]   Saci_0054 [YP_254777]  
Ta0347 [NP_393826] TauA CDD31059 Saci_0055 [YP_254778]  
Ta0547 [NP_394021]   Saci_0322 [YP_255031]  
Ta0548m4 [NP_394022]   Saci_0323 [YP_255032]  
Ta0583 [NP_394007]   Saci_0979 [YP_255633] SdhD
Ta0759 [NP_394223]   Saci_1065 [YP_255715]  
Ta0793a [NP_394256]   Saci_1491 [YP_256105] CDD40171
Ta0938 [NP_394396]   Saci_1560 [YP_256166]  
Ta0939 [NP_394397] PQQC CDD45213 Saci_1747 [YP_256346] SoxE CDD46414
Ta1156 [NP_394612]   Saci_1952 [YP_256548]  
Ta1345 [NP_394801]   Saci_2078 [YP_256665]  
  1. Note 1. A homolog to PAB1927 is also found in Rubrobacter xylanophilus DSM 9941;
  2. Note 2. A homolog to PAB1806 is also found in Aquifex aeolicus VF5;
  3. Note 3. A homolog to VNG0240c is also found in Methanopyrus kandleri;
  4. Note 4. Two low-scoring homologs for Ta0548 are also found in Gloeobacter violaceus PCC 7421.