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Figure 2

From: Array-based genotyping and expression analysis of barley cv. Maythorpe and Golden Promise

Figure 2

Polymorphic loci on barley genetic map. Polymorphic loci between Maythorpe and Golden Promise on barley genetic map and position of corresponding rice orthologs on the genome. The figure shows the polymorphic loci (14 unigenes) between the two genotypes detected by SNP analysis (solid line). The rice orthologs of these barley unigenes derived by BLAST hit to rice database are placed on the left of individual barley chromosomes (1H, 4H, 5H). The rice orthologs of barley genes identified by expression analysis (in italics) and from SFP analysis (boxed) are also shown. This illustrates the regions of haplotype polymorphism between Golden Promise and Maythorpe on barley chromosomes 1H, 4H and 5H.

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