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Figure 3

From: Array-based genotyping and expression analysis of barley cv. Maythorpe and Golden Promise

Figure 3

Differentially expressed genes and 5H wheat-barley addition line. Some of the differentially expressed genes were checked for map position on chromosome 5H of barley (Ari-e locus is on 5H). Wheat background genotype used is Chinese Spring (CS), the barley genotype Betzes, and the addition line is 5H. None of the genes identified by array analysis (LEA, CCT motif protein, HUA1, Replication protein A, catalase1, and ARF2) mapped to 5H. A gene which maps to 5H (e.g. Timing of CAB expression 1, TOC1) is expected to have a stronger band in 5H relative to CS. Three genes CCT, catalase 1 and ARF2 have different alleles in Maythorpe (MT) and Golden Promise (GP).

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