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Table 1 Summary of orthologous genes of SAMD9 and SAMD9L in multiple species

From: Human sterile alpha motif domain 9, a novel gene identified as down-regulated in aggressive fibromatosis, is absent in the mouse

Species Accession Species Accession
Human GenBank: NP060124.2 Human GenBank:NP_689916.1
Chimpanzee aligns to genomeb Chimpanzee GenBank:XP_527818.1
Dog aligns to genomeb Dog GenBank:XP_539422.1
Rat GenBank:XP_575365.1 Rat GenBank:XP_575369.1
Mouse nonea Mouse GenBank:XP_620286.1
Chicken GenBank:XP_418660.1 Chicken nonea
Cow GenBank:XP_592017.1 Cow nonea
Zebrafish GenBank:XP_698198.1 Zebrafish nonea
Xenopus tropicalis GenBank:AAH91702 Xenopus tropicalis nonea
Xenopus laevis GenBank:AAH94169 Xenopus laevis nonea
Tetraodon nigroviridis GenBank:CAF92907 Tetraodon nigroviridis nonea
  1. a There is no match in protein or nucleotide database. b There is best reciprocal nucleotide match found in genomic sequence.