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Figure 5

From: Annotated ESTs from various tissues of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens: A genomic resource for studying agricultural pests

Figure 5

RT-PCR of EST clone MB3851 at various stages of BPH. PCR products amplified from 10 individual samples at each stage were electrophoresed on agarose gel. These samples were tested for positive amplification using a control PCR primer pair of elongation factor 2 gene (EF2) of BPH. Stage-dependent amplification was not clearly observed. Left panel: first row, 0-day-old third instar nymphs; second row, 1-day-old fourth instar nymphs; third row 0-day-old fifth instar nymphs; fourth row, 1-day-old fifth instar nymphs. Center panel: first row, 0-day-old female adults; second row, 1-day old female adults; third row, 2-day-old female adults; fourth row, 3-day-old female adults. Right panel: first row, 0-day-old male adults; second row, 1-day-old male adults; third row, 2-day-old male adults; fourth row, 3-day-old male adults. M, marker (lambda EcoT14I digest); 1–10, individual samples; 11, negative control of no template; 12, positive control.

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