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Figure 6

From: Annotated ESTs from various tissues of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens: A genomic resource for studying agricultural pests

Figure 6

EST maps of highly expressed genes. The numbers of actin-, mucin-, trypsin-, and vitellogenin-related clones per 1,000 ESTs are shown as three-dimensional bar graphs. The libraries of the salivary glands, head, thorax, and ovary were made from female adults; those of head+thorax and testis were made from male adults. The libraries of the abdomen and midgut were made from both male and female adults, and the library of the whole body from nymphs. The stages shown in the right axis are 0–1.5 day of eggs, 3–5 day of eggs, 1st instar nymphs, 4th instar nymphs, adult males, 0–1 day adult females and 0–5 day adult females toward the far side.

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