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Figure 7

From: Annotated ESTs from various tissues of the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens: A genomic resource for studying agricultural pests

Figure 7

RT-PCR of EST clones OC2756 (AA0383) and TA0721 showing specific expression in the gonads. EF2, elongation factor 2 gene (control); M, marker lambda-Eco T14I digest; 1, male abdomen; 2, male head; 3, male midgut; 4, testis, 5, 2nd instar nymph; 6, 4th instar nymph, 7, female abdomen; 8, female head; 9, female midgut; 10, ovary of 0-day-old adult; 11, ovary of 4-day-old adult; 12, negative control of no template.

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