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Table 2 The 41 mammalian species in study.

From: The adaptive evolution of the mammalian mitochondrial genome

Common name Acession number Superorder (Order) Species Habitat Food Habits Geographic Range Basal Metabolic Rate [53, 87] (ml of O2 per h); M (g)
Cape Golden Mole NC_004920 Afrotheria (Chrysochloridae) Chrysochloris asiatica sandy soil small invertebrates South Africa low; 44
cape rock hyrax NC_004919 Afrotheria (Hyracoidea) Procavia capensis savanna or grassland; scrub forest. herbivore Syria south through NE Africa through most of sub-Saharan Africa. Isolated mountains in Libya and Algeria. medium; 2400
African savana elephant NC_000934 Afrotheria (Proboscidea) Loxodonta africana savannah/desert herbivore Sahara Desert to the south tip of Africa, from the Atlantic (western) coast of Africa to the Indian Ocean in the east high; 3670000 (from Elephas maximus)
elephant shrew NC_004921 Afrotheria (Macroscelidea) Elephantulus sp. VB001 savannas, deserts, thornbush and tropical forests inverterbrates Africa low; 51 ( Elephantus AVE)
short-eared elephant shrew NC_004026 Afrotheria (Macroscelidea) Macroscelides proboscideus desert and semi-desert areas invertebrates and herbivorous diet Namibia, southern Botswana, and South Africa low; 39
Dugong NC_003314 Afrotheria (Sirenia) Dugong dugon tropical marine coastal water sea grasses east Africa, northern coast of Australia, island groups of the South Pacific UNK; 569000
small Madagascar hedgehog NC_002631 Afrotheria (Tenrecidae) Echinops telfairi dry forests, scrub, cultivated areas, dry coastal regions and semidesert invertebrates; also baby mice Madagascar medium; 116
Aardvark NC_002078 Afrotheria (Tubulidentata) Orycteropus afer dry savanna to rain forest omnivorous; termites Africa medium; 48000
Malayan flying lemur NC_004031 Euarchontoglires (Dermoptera) Cynocephalus variegatus arboreal herbivorous Thailand and Indochina UNK; 1375
Rabbit NC_001913 Euarchontoglires (Lagomorpha) Oryctolagus cuniculus savanna or grassland; forest herbivore Europe medium; 2000
American pika NC_005358 Euarchontoglires (Lagomorpha) Ochotona princeps areas of broken rock and talus; taiga; mountains herbivore central British Columbia to south-central California and east to Colorado medium; 109
domestic guinea pig NC_000884 Euarchontoglires (Rodentia) Cavia porcellus grassy plains herbivore   medium; 629
greater cane rat NC_002658 Euarchontoglires (Rodentia) Thryonomys swinderianus along river banks and near marshes herbivore KwaZulu-Natal; Gauteng and the Northern Province; Mpumalanga UNK; 8
house mouse NC_005089 Euarchontoglires (Rodentia) Mus musculus temperate; forest omnivore originally distributed from the Mediterranean region to China; spread throughout the world low; 21
Rat NC_001665 Euarchontoglires (Rodentia) Rattus norvegicus temperate; tropical; desert; savanna or grassland; chaparral; forests; mountains omnivore native to northern China; can be found on every continent of the world except Antarctica medium; 300
Eurasian red squirrel NC_002369 Euarchontoglires (Rodentia) Sciurus vulgaris temperate; forest herbivore Europe and northern Asia medium; 532 ( Sciurus AVE)
Human NC_001807 Euarchontoglires (Primates) Homo sapiens   omnivore   high; 75
ring-tailed lemur NC_004025 Euarchontoglires (Primates) Lemur catta tropical forests herbivore Madagascar UNK
northern tree shrew NC_002521 Euarchontoglires (Scandentia) Tupaia belangeri tropical forests omnivore southeast Asia medium; 123 (from T. glis)
Dog NC_002008 Laurasiatheria (Carnivora) Canis familiaris   carnivore   medium; 8860 ( Canis AVE)
Cat NC_001700 Laurasiatheria (Carnivora) Felis catus   carnivore   high; 13200 (Felidae AVE)
humpback whale NC_006927 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Megaptera novaeangliae warm tropical waters to arctic waters carnivores (crustaceans, plankton, and small fish) North Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, southern Hemisphere UNK; 36000000
white-beaked dolphin NC_005278 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Lagenorhynchus albirostris   carnivore (fish, squid, octopus and small crustaceans) Icelandic waters and in the North Sea. UNK; 200
Hippopotamus NC_000889 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Hippopotamus amphibius shallow water; can live in cold climates (but not frozen water) herbivore Africa UNK; 235E+04
Cattle NC_006853 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Bos taurus   herbivore   high; 500
Pig NC_000845 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Sus scrofa   omnivore   high; 200
Alpaca NC_002504 Laurasiatheria (Cetartiodactyla) Lama pacos altitude of 3500 to 5000 meters above sea-level herbivore Andes UNK; 170
Ryukyu flying fox NC_002612 Laurasiatheria (Chiroptera) Pteropus dasymallus   fruit   medium; 492 ( Pteropus AVE)
Egyptian rousette NC_007393 Laurasiatheria (Chiroptera) Rousettus aegyptiacus humid dark roosts very ripe fruit Africa, Egypt to Turkey, Cyprus, Arabian peninsula east to Pakistan medium; 146
Jamaican fruit-eating bat NC_002009 Laurasiatheria (Chiroptera) Artibeus jamaicensis neotropical; forests herbivore; also insects central Mexico to Bolivia and central Brazil through the Greater and Lesser Antilles low; 45
New Zealand long-tailed bat NC_002626 Laurasiatheria (Chiroptera) Chalinolobus tuberculatus   insectivore New Zealand Low; 18 (from C. gouldii)
western European hedgehog NC_002080 Laurasiatheria (Eulipotyphla) Erinaceus europaeus savanna or grassland; forest omnivore region, except the Himalayas and North Africa medium; 750
long-clawed Shrew NC_005435 Laurasiatheria (Eulipotyphla) Sorex unguiculatus wet grasslands to montane forests seeds, insects, nuts, worms along the Pacific coastline of Siberia low; 13
European mole NC_002391 Laurasiatheria (Eulipotyphla) Talpa europaea savanna or grassland; forest invertebrates throughout temperate Europe to east in Russia medium; 100
Horse NC_001640 Laurasiatheria (Perissodactyla) Equus caballus   herbivore   high; 500
white rhinoceros NC_001808 Laurasiatheria (Perissodactyla) Ceratotherium simum savanna or grassland; chaparral ; forest herbivore Africa UNK; 2700
Brazilian tapir NC_005130 Laurasiatheria (Perissodactyla) Tapirus terrestris forests bulk of their diet is herbivorous; aquatic organisms South America UNK; 2000000
long-tailed pangolin NC_004027 Laurasiatheria (Pholidota) Manis tetradactyla rainforest invertebrates Uganda to Senegal and Angola medium; 1430
nine-banded armadillo NC_001821 Laurasiatheria (Xenarthra) Dasypus novemcinctus savanna or grassland; forest invertebrates; occasionally birds, small mammals, fruits Peru and northern Argentina to the south-central and southeastern United States. It is also found on the islands of Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago medium; 3510
southern two-toed sloth NC_006924 Laurasiatheria (Xenarthra) Choloepus didactylus rainforest herbivore Central America and northern South America medium; 3770 (from C. hoffmanni )
southern tamandua NC_004032 Laurasiatheria (Xenarthra) Tamandua tetradactyla savanna or grassland; forests; at elevations to 2000 m invertebrates South America medium; 3500
AVE average       
UNK missing data