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Table 2 Probesets identified as being early responsive to environmental treatments, when corrected for general developmental effects. The corrected effects, expressed as transcript abundance ratios, of drought (average of drought/control and heat & drought/heat) or heat (average of heat/control and heat & drought/drought) are shown. The probesets shown had at least a two-fold change in both the averaged comparisons.

From: Transcriptome analysis of grain development in hexaploid wheat

DROUGHT UP corrected drought effect descriptor
TaAffx.92642.1.A1 13.4 putative polygalacturonase precursor
TaAffx.109111.1.S1_a 13.2 putative polygalacturonase precursor
Ta.10.1.S1_a 5.7 1,3 beta glucanase
Ta.18596.1.S1 6.6 similar beta-expansin 1a precursor
Ta.25483.1.S1 4.6 similar putative nodulin 3
Ta.13457.1.S1 4.1 unknown
TaAffx.56781.1.S1 3.8 unknown
Ta.23822.1.S1 0.2 Cytochrome P450 71C4
Ta.7479.1.S1_a 0.3 Lt1.1 protein
Ta.3380.1.S1 0.3 Cytochrome P450 (CYP71C3v2-like)
HEAT UP corrected heat effect  
Ta.1404.1.S1 5.1 ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase activase B
Ta.25880.1.A1 3.4 unknown
TaAffx.42798.1.A1 0.3 similar cysteine proteinase EP-B1 precursor
Ta.12225.2.S1 0.3 similar ethylene-responsive transcriptional coactivator
Ta.202.1.S1 0.3 heat shock protein 26.6B
TaAffx.143996.1.S1_s 0.3 similar Histone H4
Ta.9600.1.S1_x 0.3 similar early light-inducible protein