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Table 1 BAC screening results

From: Addition of the microchromosome GGA25 to the chicken genome sequence assembly through radiation hybrid and genetic mapping

RH marker positive clone
100A3M13 bw25B06, bw27G08, bw93G01
ARHGEF11 bw64M19, bw64M20
COPA bw88F2, bw90F5
GCT1888 none
GCT1893 none
GCT1967 none
SEQ0426 bw83P09
SEQ1010 none
SEQ1021 none
SEQ1285 none
SNP105 bw22L24, bw64M19
SNP115 none
SNP123 none
SNP18 bw83P09
SNP29 none
SNP36 none
SNP42 none
SNP46 none
SNP50 none
SNP54 bw83P09
SNP95 bw120G10