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Table 2 ESTIMA:Songbird Build 2, presence ("yes") or absence ("no") of specific sequences of interest assessed by direct BLAST with available avian or mammalian sequences against 58,211 sequences in the ESTIMA database as of June 2005.

From: The Songbird Neurogenomics (SoNG) Initiative: Community-based tools and strategies for study of brain gene function and evolution

  Yes No   Yes No   Yes No
Steroid Receptors    Extracellular Signaling    GABA transmission   
Androgen Receptor   BDNF   GABA-A alpha 1  
estrogen receptor alpha   cannabinoid receptor   GABA-A alpha 2  
estrogen receptor beta   IGF-2   GABA-A alpha 4  
estrogen receptor gamma   N-CAM   GABA-A alpha 5  
RARalpha      GABA-A beta 3  
RARbeta   Intracellular signaling    GABA-A delta  
RARgamma   Calbindin   GABA-A gamma 2  
RXRalpha   CAMKII   GABA-A gamma 3/4  
RXRbeta   Canarygranin   GABA-B  
RXRgamma   CRABPI   GABA-C rho-2B  
Steroid Metabolism    CRABPII   GAD-65  
Aromatase   CRBPI   GAD67  
P450-CYP26   CRBPII   Potassium channels   
zRalDH   GAP-43   Kcnma1  
Immediate Early Genes    MAPKK   Kcnmb1  
ARC   Narp   Kcnmb2  
c-fos   parvalbumin   Kcnmb3  
c-jun   PAX-6   Kcnmb4  
zenk   SNAP-25   Kv3.1  
Cytoskeleton    Synapsin I   Transporters   
Beta Tubulin   synapsin IIb   VGAT  
NFM      VIAAT