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Table 7 Proposed "Community Collaborations" for songbird microarray studies.

From: The Songbird Neurogenomics (SoNG) Initiative: Community-based tools and strategies for study of brain gene function and evolution

     Primary Contrast (question)
# Locale Group Species 1 2 3 4 5
1 AZ A* Zebra finch     
2 WA B White-crowned sparrow     
3 NY C* Zebra finch    
4 NY C* Zebra finch    
5 Hungary D* Long-tailed, great & penduline tit    
6 CA north E* House finch, red crossbill    
7 MI/CA F Zebra finch    
8 MI/CA F Zebra finch     
9 MI/CA F Zebra finch     
10 MI/CA F Zebra finch    
11 Netherlands G* Zebra finch     
12 AZ (Phoenix) H* House finch     
13 AZ (Tempe) H* White-crowned sparrow     
14 IN I* White-throated sparrow    
15 FL J* Zebra finch   
16 MD K European starling     
17 OR L Zebra finch    
18 OR L Parrot, hummingbird     
19 OR L Zebra finch     
20 US West M* Thrush, Junco, House sparrow, Cordillerian flycatcher     
21 IL N Zebra finch     
22 IL N Zebra finch    
23 IL N Zebra finch     
24 IL O Zebra finch     
25 WA P* Song sparrow    
CGH 14 non-Tgu species proposed
  1. Experiments (identified by # in first column) were nominated by investigators in the community following specific guidelines (Additional File 2). Investigator groups are indicated by Locale and a "group" letter code (columns 2 and 3); asterisk indicates investigators outside of the core group responsible for program development. Experiments were classified according to the Primary Contrast (question) defined by the experimental design, with these general contrasts as indicated by number in the table: 1, Comparative; 2, Brain Sex; 3, Critical Period; 4, Activational; 5, Environmental. CGH: Comparative Genomic Hybridizations validating zebra finch array use against the 14 other species proposed for study across all experiments.