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Table 2 Known and predicted operators for ExuR in B. subtilis and MalI in E. coli. The operators determined by experiment are shown in normal print and the same operators as predicted using our new approach are shown in bold italics. O1 and O2 indicate the relative position of the operator sequences with respect to the translation start.

From: A generic approach to identify Transcription Factor-specific operator motifs; Inferences for LacI-family mediated regulation in Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

LacI-family TF Organism Site Operator Evidence
ExuR B. subtilis   TG TTAA CG TTAA CA pred/exp: [54]
ExuR B. subtilis   TG TTAA CG TTAA CA pred, this work
MalI E. coli O1 GT AAAA CG TTTT AT pred/exp: [31]
MalI E. coli   gT aAAA CG TTTT At pred, this work