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Table 3 Operators for various LacI-family TFs present in L. plantarum. The operators that were verified by experiment in several species of the phylum Firmicutes are listed in normal print, the operators predicted by us for the orthologous TFs in L. plantarum are in bold italics. O1 and O2 indicate the relative position of the operator sequences with respect to the translation start. * Transcription from O1 was 10 times stronger than from O2.

From: A generic approach to identify Transcription Factor-specific operator motifs; Inferences for LacI-family mediated regulation in Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

CcpA-like LacI-family TF Organism Site Operator Evidence(a)
MalR S. pneumoniae O1 CG CAAA CG TTTT CC pred/exp: [53]
   Om CG CAAA CG TTTG CG pred/exp: [53]
Lp_0172 L. plantarum   cG CAAa CG cTTG CA pred, this work
RbsR L. sakei   gT AAAA CG TTTT Ac pred: [112]
  E. faecalis   gT AAAA CG TTTT Ac  
Lp_3661 L. plantarum   .T AAAA CG TTTT Aa pred, this work
EbgR-like LacI-family TF
LacR L. delbrueckii O1 TTG TTT ACT AAA AAT pred/exp: [50]
   O2 TTG TTT AGT AAA CGG pred/exp: [50]
Lp_3470 L. plantarum   aaa TTT AGT AAT t.. pred, this work
GalR S. thermophilus   ..T TTT AGT AAA A.. pred/exp: [51]
GalR S. mutans O1* AAA TTT AGT AAA ATT pred/exp: [52]
   O2* ATT TTT ACT AAA ATT pred/exp: [52]
Lp_3479 L. plantarum   aat TTT AGT AAA a.. pred, this work