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Table 2 GO terms that are over represented in euascomycete pathogens

From: Altered patterns of gene duplication and differential gene gain and loss in fungal pathogens

Generic GO Slim Ontology (GO) Term Number of gene duplicates in euascomycete pathogens Number of gene duplicates in euascomycete non-pathogens Initial significance value from chi-square test‡ Corrected significance value§
hydrolase activity 5828 4916 1.60E-04 2.00E-03
carbohydrate metabolism 1724 1416 2.40E-03 5.90E-03
carbohydrate binding 229 177 6.50E-03 9.80E-03
extracellular region 314 227 1.94E-03 3.90E-03
nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolism 4131 3823 3.63E-03 7.80E-03
catalytic activity 16645 14696 1.13E-02 1.18E-02
  1. Significance values in this column are P-values obtained in chi-square tests
  2. §Significance values presented in this column are corrected for Type 1 error (see Methods for FDR correction)